E stablished in 2006, Yoga Alliance UK brought a fresh, fairer approach to Accrediting Yoga Teachers and ensuring high standards. Our policy has resonated with yoga teachers and training providers and to further support the trust that Professional Yoga Teachers have invested in us, we re-launched as Yoga Alliance Professionals in 2016. Our aim remains to promote high teaching standards by encouraging our members to participate in continuous training. We are a ‘grassroots’ organisation bringing together Yoga Teachers, Trainees, Trainers, and Studios. We offer support, training and development to all members of the yoga community.

We ensure that both individuals and organisations who join us are legitimate and have trained to the highest of standards. This ensures peace of mind to the general public and yoga students when they choose a YAP registered Teacher.

We do not want to ‘control’ Yoga as we believe that this will cause it to lose its identity and creative flair. All training courses are encouraged to be original and individual. We want to avoid producing cookie-cutter training programmes.

We are an inclusive organisation. We both respect and value experience and accept ‘veteran’ teachers with vast teaching experience, who otherwise are excluded simply because they have not completed a foundation teacher training.

For yoga teachers we offer a structured Career Path from Trainee through to Senior Yoga Teacher. This includes CPD (YAPTA), Workshops and Further Trainings. Our qualifications and marks are recognised worldwide and we have members in every continent.

We would love to have you join our family.

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