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Dharma yoga Flow

Dharma yoga Flow

This FREE Yoga practice is designed to encourage a sense of connection with Dharma (for full information on this download the FREE handout ).

The essence of the flow is about finding your purpose in life, your souls desire! It guides you to sense that your choices determine who you are and that your reactions shape your destiny. That through developing inner listening there is opportunity after opportunity to seed your destiny.

To do this there are postures that connect you with the base chakras (energy centres of the body)

  • Mooladhara (our root/sense of self)
  • Swadhisthana (our creative force & home)
  • Manipura (our centre of personal power & dynamism)
  • Vishuddhi (our communication centre – both inner and outer)

The postures used focus mainly on the floor to facilitate grounding, rooting down & hooking into nature’s forces – from which we can then stretch into our full potential.

FREE 10 page handout available by following this LINK

Once you have completed this practice and had a period of time relaxing in Savasana, you can deepen your practice with the following meditation – Meet your Inner Guide


It is important to keep yourself safe and to enjoy the feeling of practicing Yoga – so please be mindful of your own limitations and if you need to modify any of the postures practiced in this sequence then feel free to do so.  Use any props that you might need (blocks, belts, blankets etc) and take it at your own pace.

To access this FREE video class & eBook please visit my website by following this LINK

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