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Meet your Inner Guide

Meet your Inner Guide

How do we serve the highest good without any personal agenda? How do we let go of schemes? How do we blend the ultimate spiritual purpose of our lives with supporting ourselves materially? How do we stay connected with our inner-guidance?

These were the wise words that popped into my inbox from the beautiful Edo & Jo this morning and they resonated so deeply as I had been feeling this way myself for some time…….

After sitting at my desk yesterday and for many months previously, struggling with technology I don’t understand with feelings of hopelessness, wanting to give up, turn my back – feeling so far away personally from what I was endeavouring to create – these questions had been constantly swirling around my head.

A deep sense of lack, fear and separation seemed to be the over-riding emotions.  So I logged off and walked away from my computer – from any thoughts of ‘creating’ and sat with myself surrounded by the beauty of nature.

This question came into my mind

What is it that I am actually creating – am I creating it at all??

The answer came back as a resounding NO!

When I allowed this realisation to fully download into my mind I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace fill me.  I realised that I am merely a vessel – and essentially nothing I do ‘belongs to me”.  The reason I was feeling fear and separation was that I had got lost in the notion that ‘I – my ego – Me’ was the creator.  This thought had in fact created a barrier to the energy I trust the most and that is universal energy and guidance.  ‘I’ had got in the way of allowing my life, thoughts, and actions to flow effortlessly and in its place I had put control and force.  Well I must say initially it made me laugh out loud for a very long time – then I got to thinking – how to stop this constant process?

How to maintain this sense of peace and connectivity when we are working, creating, doing?

How to stay centred and connected with our spiritual purpose during business hours!

Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender!

I recalled my most favourite Sanskrit word ‘Ishvara Pranidhana’ which means quite simply – surrender.  By surrendering fully we develop the ability to remain in a state of tranquility and union with divine guidance.   This doesn’t mean we give up or are inert.

The analogy that springs to mind is being in a boat on the most perfect and beautiful stream – the boat is gliding along following the current of divine guidance – in my hand is an oar that I can place in the stream and guide the boat should I choose in this direction or that towards various tributaries branching off along the main stream.  However as soon as I try to turn the boat around and paddle against the natural current or forget the guidance of the creative flow of water beneath me – life, ideas, creativity begin to dry up and it becomes hard work.  Feelings of exhaustion and doubts about our ability are common when we are in this space.

Surrender is a process and during this process we need to remain mindful – realising that when we steer our craft artfully through the creative waters of life we are able to let go of ‘our little plans’.  In their place comes faith and the strength that allows us to let go of the bondage of earthly desires – so that we can trust in a greater plan, a greater unity and a beautiful flow that is always freely on offer from the universe…

A journey to meet our Inner Guide

We all have deep resource within ourselves, sadly in the bustle that is life it is easy to loose sight of, or feel this internal guidance.  This guided journey allows you to re-connect with that deeply nurturing space.  It allows you to connect with the key attributes of this inner authority which are WISDOM, COMPASSION, COURAGE, CLARITY and CERTAINTY.  Our inner guide is FEARLESS, UNSHAKEABLE,  RELENTLESS and UN-WAVERING in the search of truth.  Enjoy!

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