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Introduction into teaching pregnancy yoga

Gain the confidence to teach pregnant women during your general yoga classes

Taught By Amy Jones, Yoga Coach

Level: Yoga Teacher

Most foundation yoga teacher training courses devote at best a couple of hours on how to adjust a yoga practise to accommodate a pregnant woman. Yet the likelihood is at some point most yoga teachers will probably find that one of their regular students becomes pregnant or a pregnant woman unexpectedly joins the class.

Concern or fear when teaching yoga to a pregnant woman is an all-too-common problem for yoga teachers, especially for newly qualified teachers.

This Yoga Alliance Professionals further developmental workshop, will give you the confidence to integrate a pregnant woman safely and effectively into your general yoga classes, using easy to remember principles of support, soften and space. You will also be able to advise a woman when a general yoga class may not be suitable during her pregnancy.

This course is perfect if you are:

  Looking to enhance your knowledge and skills as a yoga teacher.

- Wanting to feel confident at teaching yoga to a pregnant woman.

- One of your regular students has become pregnant and wishes to continue to attend your class.

- You are considering completing specialist training in pregnancy yoga.

At the end of this course you’ll be able to:

- Teach pregnant women more confidence and integrate them safely into your general classes.

- Offer pregnant women specific modifications to their practise.

- Discuss the hormonal and bodily changes that impact a yoga practise as pregnancy progresses.

- Discuss common problems that occur and how yoga can help.

- Identify women who should attend a dedicate pregnancy yoga class.

  Course delivery:

The course is self-paced online training, you can start this course anytime, complete it at your own pace and repeat as often as you like.

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