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England Covid-19 Final Stage

Last Updated: 13th July 2021

All information is correct at the time of writing. We always recommend that you double-check any guidelines with your local authority/council

The Prime Minister has announced that the final stage of the roadmap, step 4, will commence on the 19th of July in England.

This stage of the roadmap focuses on teaching the public how to learn to live with COVID-19 without the need for the stringent economic and social restrictions which have been in place since March 2020.

The Government will allow the public to make informed decisions about how to manage the risk to themselves and others. The Government will provide guidance to the public and to businesses on how they can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the risk of a resurgence.

Please find the government guidance for teaching yoga after the 19th of July below.

At step 4, all legal restrictions on social contact, life events will be removed and any remaining closed settings will be able to reopen.

      • All remaining limits on social contact will be removed. There will be no restrictions on how many people can attend indoor or outdoor yoga classes, events or trainings.
      • All yoga settings will be able to reopen without restrictions on numbers. Large events such as festivals and retreats can also resume without limits on attendance or social distancing requirements. 
      • Wearing a face mark will no longer be a legal requirement, although it is recommended in busy indoor settings.  In class, the decision to wear a face mask will be up to the discretion of the student and staff. Some facilities may choose to have their own policies on the use of facemasks. 
      • Social distancing measures (2m or 1m with mitigations) will be lifted. People who are self-isolating should continue to socially distance themselves from others, particularly if they have a positive Covid test.
      • The government will no longer instruct people to work from home. Studio owners and yoga teachers can begin to prepare for a gradual return to the workplace. However, businesses must not require a self-isolating employee to come to work.
      • Venues such as gyms and yoga studios are not legally required to display QR codes. The government is encouraging businesses to do so to support the NHS Test and Trace system.
      • There will be no restrictions on in-person yoga teacher training courses
      • Hands-on assists will be permitted. It is advised that teachers gain the consent of the students beforehand.
      • Kirtan yoga and pranayama exercises can resume indoors without restrictions on numbers.
      • When travelling for yoga retreats, holidays or events, people must continue to follow the Government’s traffic light system for international travel, which sets out the measures applying to arrivals from Red, Amber and Green countries.
      • Clinically extremely vulnerable people are advised to follow the same guidelines as everyone else.
      • Covid-status certification will not be required in law as a condition of entry for attendees to any settings.
      • Regulations that place Covid-19 requirements on businesses will be lifted. The Government has shared advisory guidance for how businesses can manage risks to those affected by their services and reduce risk in their workplaces. 
      • It will remain a legal requirement for people to self-isolate if they test positive or are told to do so by NHS Test and Trace.
              For more information on working safely after the Covid-19 restrictions end, please
click here.** The above information was correct at the time of writing. We always recommend that you double-check any guidelines with your local authority/council for up to date information.