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Yoga Alliance Professionals is a not-for-profit organisation founded on the principle of raising the declining standards of teacher training. As part of our mantra, we offer a free service to evaluate yoga teacher training courses to see if they meet high quality standards.  

To begin the process, just submit this simple form and someone from Yoga Alliance Professionals will get back to you with the course assessment. 

Evaluate My Teacher Training Course




What makes Yoga Alliance Professionals different?

Yoga Alliance Professionals was set up to improve the overall standard of yoga teaching. This is based on the traditional system. We have set high minimum standards to qualify as a professional yoga teacher.

Read more about the Traditional Path and why we trust it.   


Cooperate and collaborate with Yoga Alliance Professionals

We're doing things differently. Most of the Yoga accrediting bodies aim for a monopoly of the Yoga industry and are ready to compromise standards to grow their business. We want to change this and work in raising standards with everyone for everyone. Join our fantastic tribe of yoga teachers, give feedback and get involved in promoting high-quality Yoga teaching throughout the world. Together we can build something we all love.  




Be involved, be heard and supported

Our community is the heart and soul of everything we do. You will find the support you need and can trust in the expertise and mentorship of other members.  We don’t compete; we cooperate. We encourage each other to grow as yoga teachers, because “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.







"I have been a YAP member for over 4 years now and I wanted to say thanks for all your help and support to get my little yoga business up and running. Any problems or questions are answered very quickly and professionally and I have really felt part of a community. I recently set up my Yoga Safari in Zambia for August 2019 and the advert was approved within a day and I feel that being part of YAP has helped me to expand my reach within the yoga community and sets a standard that potential students can understand and trust. Thank you for your continued support, your staff are the best! "


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