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Teaching Online FAQ


The majority of our UK and Ireland members have our member insurance policy, from Balens Ltd. You are insured to teach online classes with this policy provided you follow these conditions:

  1. The class needs to be taken within the policy territorial limits (which does not include students in the USA or Canada)
  2. The teacher will need to do a pre-class consultation to ensure the suitability of their students for an online class.
  3. The teacher needs to keep record-keeping up to date. This means you will need to know when classes are accessed by students, and the students need a way of reporting questions/concerns to the teacher. You should be aware of any health conditions/injury your students may have.
If you have your own insurance, check with your provider what cover you have for online classes.

Online Class Types

Pre-Class Consultation

Trainee Insurance

Requirements & Limitations

Other Questions

If you'd like to learn more general information about the insurance policy, please visit this page where you will find the full policy wording and the key features of the policy. If you want to know more about the different policies we have, you can view them here.