Are there any exclusions in the policy for COVID-19?

Yes, the Irish policy has a Coronavirus Absolute Exclusion Clause. 

From 1st October 2020, the policy terms and conditions (specifically professional liability & malpractice clauses) will include a Coronavirus absolute exclusion clause. The update will apply to all current policies and renewals. 

In practice, to raise a valid claim concerning Coronavirus, any would-be claimant would need to prove you breached your professional duty of care and that this resulted in a situation for which you could be held legally liable. In this scenario, the claimant would need to prove you were directly responsible for them catching Coronavirus and any injury or loss they incurred as a result.  

To mitigate your liability, you need to demonstrate that you have followed government guidelines by conducting risk assessments and noting the measures you have in place to protect your students. You should continue to get all students to complete health questionnaires and keep these on file. 

For existing members, we will not be reissuing your insurance documents, we plan to send you updated paperwork when you renew. 

Full policy wording can be found here. 

There is no change to the UK policy at this time.