Can I Teach Abroad?

The professional liability & malpractice policy does provide cover for temporary trips abroad providing the insured is based/ordinarily resident in the UK/Republic of Ireland. This element of policy cover remains in place and has not been limited or removed due to the pandemic. 

To ensure the policy responds in the event of a claim the policyholder would need to ensure that the criminal/malicious acts exclusion has not been breached. We cannot confirm whether the policyholder should travel but can recommend the following considerations: 

  • Do not travel to areas where the foreign office has advised against all travel.
  • Ensure awareness of restrictions and guidelines that are in place both in the UK and in the destination they are travelling to. To ensure their insurance policy responds they would need to ensure they are following local guidelines and note this in their health and safety plan and also where relevant, their treatment records. 
  • Providing they follow guidelines in place and any restrictions in place upon returning to the UK, the policy will respond in the usual manner subject to all terms and conditions of the policy.