Can I Teach Abroad?

Yoga is an unregulated industry, which means there are no global rules/regulations when it comes to teaching yoga. 

From our perspective, so long as you have a 200-hour teacher training qualification, you can teach anywhere in the world. For example, if you trained in India, you can teach in the UK. 

There are some considerations:


Always check directly with your insurance provider.

For those with Balens insurance through YAP membership

If you have yoga insurance included in your membership, you will be covered for your yoga teaching activities during temporary trips abroad, as long as you are appropriately qualified and ordinarily resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

It is important to note, however, that this coverage does not extend to the United States of America, Canada, Russia, or Belarus.

Additionally, to ensure that your policy will provide assistance in the event of a claim, it is important to avoid traveling to areas where the foreign office has advised against all travel. Stay informed and make responsible choices to protect yourself and your insurance coverage.


Different countries have different rules regarding foreigners working. Please research the visas available and ensure you take one that allows you to teach yoga. 


If you have an insurance policy with our membership through Balens, you are covered to provide teaching but won't be covered for organising the event. Balens has put together a guide on how the insurance policy responds, and a flyer for events/retreats cover. 

If you have organised two or more elements of the retreat, then you are considered a tour operator and require separate insurance. 

If you have insurance elsewhere, it is worth checking directly with your insurer! 

All the details from Balens can be found here.

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