Do I need a disclaimer form?

Balens are recommending having a disclaimer in place as a best practice when having students attend a class, both for live streamed classes and on pre-recorded.

Balens has said the following on disclaimers:

Regarding disclaimers, they can have limited effect as they are unenforceable where unlawful and it is unlawful to exclude liability for death or injury resulting from negligence however we would say these are generally a good idea and would be encouraged as they draw attention to the fact that participants take part at their own risk etc. For the time being we don’t intend to make this a policy condition but would encourage it as a best practice.

To further the last line, Balens are saying you do not need to do this as it is not something that is necessary but it can help protect you in the event of a claim.

You can find an example template here to be used as general guidance when creating a health questionnaire.