Is my YAP Profile SEO friendly?

What a great question, the answer is very SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ) friendly indeed! But, as with all SEO practices, it can require a bit of thought on your part.

The default SEO settings for the profile page pulls information from several variables. 

Variables reference a stored value which changes from member to member, like your name or Company.

Optimising your profile for search engines

It is important for your profile information to be accurate and up to date. For example, if Joanne no longer lived in London or conducted business under an alternate name, such as her maiden name. It would be difficult to find her profile via search engines or on the website.

If you are familiar with SEO and would like to request specific Listing Meta Titles, Listing Meta Keywords or Listing Meta Description please get in touch, as we are keen to help you make the most out of your profile.