What Counts As CPD Hours?

Any development event that is specifically for yoga teachers can count towards CPD hours/points. The event does not need to be registered with us to be recognised in our career path model. 

YAP members can accumulate any additional training hours after their 200-hour course to go towards their career path level upgrades (up to 30% of the teaching hours can be further trining hours).

Typically, 1 hour = 1 CPD

There are no annual CPD requirements for Yoga Alliance Professionals memberships. However, teachers are encouraged to take development opportunities whenever they can. 

If a registered Experienced Yoga Teacher / Senior Yoga Teacher wants to promote any of their events to say Yoga Alliance Professionals would recognise the hours as CPD hours, they can do so (but cannot use any CPD logo to advertise this). They cannot say the event is recognised or accredited by YAP unless they register it with us.