Why do I have two profiles?

Trainer Pro members have two profiles on our website. One for the training school and one for your teacher membership. 

It is a requirement for each person or body registered with us to have a profile, each account must have a separate email address as this acts as the unique identifier in our system. These accounts cannot be merged.

If you do not have multiple email addresses, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Create a specific training school email address - This will help you separate your teaching and training. You can use your website domain to appear even more professional (for example, hello@mytrainingschoolname.com)
  2. Stick to a single email addess in Gmail - In Gmail you have the ability to add '+1' into your email address and all emails will go into your main inbox. This menas you do not have to check multiple inboxes every day and you technically have lots of email addresses you can use! 
  3. Set up email forwarding - If you have an old email address you want to use but dont check, then you can set up email forwarding. How to do this will depend on your email provider, but a quick Google search of your provider for example 'hotmail' followed by 'email forwarding' will give you guidance. This will redirect any emails from one inbox into another, ensuring you don't miss a thing!