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Approved Mentor

Become A Beacon Of Personalised Growth

Stay connected with your students long after their initial training, nurturing their journey in yoga teaching and ensuring they evolve with confidence, clarity, and competence.

By working with Yoga Alliance Professionals, you're not just offering mentoring but unlocking unparalleled visibility. 

Offer Mentoring Programs

Amplify your impact, enhance your reach, and solidify your position as a guiding light in the yoga community.

1 to 1

Approved Development Workshops

The next step on your Career Path is giving back to your fellow teachers. Every teacher deserves a mentor who not only guides but illuminates.

CPD Approved
Up to 28hrs

We'll Give You Exclusive Industry Data

You get access to detailed reports on the personal development and mentoring our members want.

These allow you to create the right content and decide the specific level of members you wish to target.

30,000+ Yoga Professional

Find A Mentor

87% of mentees say that they feel empowered after working with a mentor! Feel empowered in your yoga business and start working with a mentor today.

Feel Empowered

What You Receive

Join us, and let's shape the future of yoga teaching, one mentorship at a time

Per Year
Grow and Serve at a Deeper Level.
Add Unlimited Workshops
Offer Mentoring to Members
All Hours Count as CPD (both parties)
Valuable Business Insight Reports
Lead Generation via YAPTA Talks
Monthly Event Update to Members


A paid development opportunity on the Career Path that unlocks offering the following services to our existing members.

  1. Mentoring and
  2. Approved Development Workshops


  • Mentoring should contain consultation time on a one to one basis between mentor and mentee.
  • Requires an active page on your website showing what you offer, fees, deliverables.

Approved Development Workshops

  • Workshops of less than 28 contact hours aimed at yoga teachers. It should have a clearly defined theme and outcome. 

Application Requirements

  • Approved mentor is open to registered Experienced and Senior Yoga Teachers.
  • Affiliates (Non-yoga teachers) with a minimum of 4 years of expertise in their chosen field.

Real Member Reviews

"We have had several students find us through Yoga Alliance Professionals - several in the last week!”
Emma Charvet
Children's Yoga Tree
“YAP makes me feel part of an organisation even though I run my small business by myself. So a big thank you to you all!”
Rashmita Pankhania
Citrus Tree Yoga
“I am delighted we are getting more leads that I am able to respond to, thank you so much YAP.”
Vicki Shields
Evolve Yoga
“YAP has kept me on track and responded to my communications very efficiently. As I get closer to the start date it is reassuring to know that support is there.”
Lesley Doveton
Doveton Yoga Training
“I think the team are reliable, knowledgeable, kind and very helpful. They are keen to support teachers online, in person and very generous in their tech support.”
Fenella Lindsell
Senior Yoga Teacher

Difference Between A Mentor And A Coach

Mentoring is the beacon of experiential guidance. When you seek a mentor, you're tapping into a reservoir of firsthand experience, drawing from their journey, insights, and lessons learned. It's a relationship rooted in shared pathways and the wisdom that comes from navigating them.

Conversely, coaching is the art of catalytic questioning. A coach might not have walked your exact path, but they possess the adept skill of prompting introspection. Through strategic inquiries, they guide you to unearth your own answers, fostering self-awareness and empowering you to carve your unique trajectory.


Looking For A Mentor?

Have a browse of our approved mentors and development workshops.