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Talking Yoga
A podcast by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Creating Strong Communities with Michael James Wong

Diversity & Inclusion, Accessible Language and The Importance of Authenticity with Donna Noble

Structural Anatomy, Voice Work & Building A Business with Sarah Hayhurst

The Nervous System, Cultivating Therapeutic Presence and Understanding the Roots of Yoga with Atira Tan

Digital Marketing, Yoga Business & Teaching Online with The Digital Yogi

How To Build A Business In Yoga with Karen Kirkness
Shame & Self-Reflection with Carolyn Cowan
Self Expression, Diversity & Giving Back with Paula Hines
Body Literacy & Menstrual Awareness with Nina Haley
Your Happy Heart Flow with Fizz Yasin
Kumbhaka with Rebecca Coales
Piano-Yoga® with GéNIA
The Return To Yoga Studios with Deborah Berryman
Mental Health of Teachers with Eleonora Ramsby Herrera
Should Yoga Training Be Online? with Paula Ahlberg

Will Online Yoga Continue? with Jane Pidddington

Mentoring Teachers During Coronavirus with Pip Taverner
Navigating Yoga Online with Annie Clarke
Kirtan with Nikki Slade
Freestylin' Yoga with Mark Freeth
One Simple Thing with Eddie Stern
Menopause Matters with Petra Coveney
Practicing Pranayama with Vicki Shields
There's Room For Everyone with Simone Moir
Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with James Winstanley