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Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Valencia

Yoga Sutra Shala
Carrer Raval, 24, 03788 Benissivà, Alicante, Spain

Start Time
14/05/2017 01:02 am
End Time
19/04/2019 01:02 am
from 495 euros per person

Yoga Sutra Shala is your Yoga Retreats Centre in Spain for learning Vinyasa Yoga. We pride ourselves on being one of the most unique yoga retreat centre in the world and giving you the best of what the world has to offer in terms of yoga, meditation, health, nutrition, organic food, relaxation, peace, mountain views, fresh air and everything else you can expect to find. From your first day here we want you to feel as if you are at home and yet at a special place of peace. You will find yourself in a very friendly atmosphere and you will make friends with others like yourself from around the world. Your yoga retreat centre or shala (place of refuge in Sanskrit) is one of the most unique places for finding inner peace and is a special and unique place that exists in the world where you can develop how you want to. Your shala is a place to escape stress and learn to become relaxed, healthy and happy. The founder of your yoga retreat centre, Namit, has a strong family tradition of yoga and has studied yoga all over the world including in his native India. His background as a leading health professional allows him to apply and explain the health benefits of yoga scientifically and to a high level. As a result, his teaching system at Yoga Sutra Shala is one of the most developed, traditional, respected and original systems in the world. You will find that your yoga retreats are designed towards your wants and needs and to help you develop as an individual. 

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Carrer Raval, 24, 03788 Benissivà, Alicante, Spain

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