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Why Are Standards So Important?

The popularity of yoga is growing rapidly. There are new courses popping up left, right and centre claiming to give you all the knowledge and skills needed to become a teacher. There are even online courses available that will make you a ‘qualified’ teacher, but how can this be when you haven’t had any hands on experience with other bodies? 
Yoga is an unregulated industry. This essentially means that anyone can become a yoga teacher and anyone can start a Teacher Training Course. This is a major concern for the future of yoga. We want to help.

Articles About The Standards In Yoga

Dropping Yoga Standards
Why Are Standards Dropping In Yoga?
Maintaining the guru path is key!
Raising Yoga Standards
Raising Teacher Training Course Standards
Written by Matthew Sweeney
Senior Yoga Teachers
Why Senior Teacher Are Our Foundation
They help us drive our vision!

What Are Our Standards?

We have set a standard that we expect to see in quality training courses.

You're investing in yourself,
wouldn't you want it to be the best you can get?

Foundation Courses

This is the course that will qualify you. It's important the lead teacher of the course knows what they're talking about. We ask that the lead teacher is a Senior Yoga Teacher (8 years and 4000 hours teaching). Not only that but we think they should teach at least 70% of the course so you can really take in their knowledge.

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Further Training For Teachers

Once you become a teacher, it's important you continue developing your skills. The learning is never over! Any further training you take should also be lead by (at least) an Experienced Yoga Teacher. We have set the minimum at 4 years experience and 2000 teaching hours, you should receive at least 28 contact hours on these course types.

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Specialist Teacher Training Course

These are shorter Teacher Training courses designed for specialist areas of interest.

The original concept of these courses was additional training in a specialist area for existing yoga teachers or short training for those who may have a need to incorporate yoga into their work environment i.e. School teachers, midwives, doctors etc.

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From Passion To Profession

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Really pleased with new standards and emphasis on actual teaching experience which is a much better differentiator than simply how many hours of YTT you have taken!

- Anna Radha Chern

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