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Club Morgan - Seasonal Yoga for children

Club Morgan - Seasonal Yoga for children

Alton Hants
The Old Stables, Manor Farm, West Worldham, Near Alton, Hants, GU34 3DT

18/07/2017 09:00 am
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21/07/2017 2:00 pm
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We are delighted that you are interested in the Club Morgan Programme.

Designed by one of the countries leading Yoga Trainers - The Club Morgan Programme is an inspirational and educational yoga based Seasonal curriculum, with the focus on our special ‘Yo-chi’ style exercise and holistic health education for children. Through fun and engaging activities you will learn to help children to extend their understanding of the functions of their bodies, healthy eating, seasonal food, emotional awareness, yoga based exercise and mindfulness. You will learn to bring these themes to life through storytelling, role-play, ‘Yo-chi’ movement and seasonal activities. 

This training not only provides you with a thorough understanding of yoga for children but also offers you a new curriculum for each season, packed with exercises, yoga/drama games and a unique Campfire story. Club Morgan is one of the leading yoga based programmes in the country and is now run in many schools as part of the curriculum and as after schools clubs and private classes.     

Our Founder Sue Woodd has over 30 years experience in health and wellbeing and runs the Seasonal Yoga Teaching Training school for adults with Julie Hanson. Sue first had the idea of developing a seasonal programme for children nearly 10 years ago, having observed the rise in obesity, mental health illness and the effects of technical overload on young people. The ProgrammeThere is nothing like Club Morgan! Essentially it is a Seasonal Yoga based programme but also includes vital learning aspects about the function of our organs, healthy eating, emotional awareness and mindfulness based tools. All of this is brought to life through fun characters, story-telling and role-play.

‘Yo-Chi’ is an inspirational and distinct style of exercise that has been developed from Yoga and Tai-chi by Sue in conjunction with Laura Wills, a Dance and Drama Teacher and Jan Earney a former Head Teacher. With over 70 years of teaching experience between them Sue, Laura and Jan have each brought different elements to the development of ‘Yo-Chi’.


‘Yo-Chi’ has been designed as an accessible, fun and engaging way to help children stay fit, active and flexible while giving them tools to help maximise their vitality. It has features of yoga and tai-chi, which combined with the use of music and storytelling, add a dimension to exercise that is a unique way to engage children and help to sustain fitness, health and well-being.


Children taking part in a Club Morgan session will learn about the following:


  • cycles of seasons, nature and skills of different animals
  • functions of their organs
  • how to concentrate and focus the mind
  • understanding their emotions and empathise with others
  • games to encourage social interaction, co-operation and sensitivity
  • listening and communication skills and the ability to follow instructions
  • how to develop awareness of their body and how to manage their health
  • how to link moves and exercises together with themed stories and sequences
  • meridian stretches to balance and unblock their energy
  • breathing exercises that helps help calm or alter moods
  • postures and how to become still so they can find quietness and inner peace


The Club Morgan Programme is now offered as a Licence. Not only does the Licence give Yoga Teachers training in a Children’s Yoga, it also provides you with a brand new curriculum for each Season!

 This training not only provides you with a thorough understanding of yoga for children but also offers you a new curriculum for each season, packed with exercises, yoga/drama games and a unique Campfire story.Club Morgan is one of the leading yoga based programmes in the country and is now run in many schools as part of the curriculum, after schools clubs and private classes. How does it work? This is more than just a training programme - we have spent nearly ten years writing a rolling curriculum for schools and it made sense to us to offer the programme as a licence.Our training is very unique because once you have trained in our programme you automatically own a licence to the Club Morgan Programme! We then take you on as part of the team and we help you to grow the programme in your area.There is an initial 4 day induction which includes your Club Morgan pack of mats, manual and flip chart. This training will also include the curriculum for this season and support in getting the programme of the ground in your area.

Cost £550 

Your four day induction is a thorough introduction to Seasonal Yoga and all aspects of our unique holistic programme for children which includes learning about our organs and the food we eat through our vibrant animated organ characters, Yo-Chi energy based exercise and our special Camp-fire stories for the season, role-play for emotional awareness, relaxation and mindfulness for children. 

The training also covers marketing your classes, child development, teaching skills and child protection. 

To keep your licence up to date you then pay just £33 per month, this includes:

* FIVE free training dates per year and will provide you with a NEW programme for every season, packed with exercises, games and stories

 * On going support from the head office to assist you in running and marketing the programme as a part time or full time business

 * Access to all marketing and artwork material

 * Support and connection from the wider team

Running a licence means you can then run the programme where ever you wish - retaining the profit from your classes. The programme is presently being successfully run by other licencees in schools and nurseries as after school clubs and as part of the curriculum. It can also be extended to parties/ festivals and other bespoke events. The on going licence/training fee which must be kept updated for you to run the programme.

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