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Essence of Hatha & Mystical Vinyasa Yoga (6months, 200 Hours)

Essence of Hatha & Mystical Vinyasa Yoga (6months, 200 Hours)

The Well-Being Yoga School
London SE1, UK

03/04/2017 09:00 am
End Time
17/09/2017 6:00 pm
£ 2600
Total Course Hours
Opportunities for students to assist in classes
Further training available to graduates
Job opportunities for graduates

Experience a new level in your practice or teaching. Perform yoga like a dance, the dance of life.

Our yoga teacher courses are designed for students of all horizons who are seeking to experience in-depth practices and resources, inspiration, and tap in their greatest potential for the development of their practice and/or teaching.

Nathalie Dubreu share her vision of yoga as a sacred tool toward wellness and an happier life, broadening her teaching to therapeutic practice and divine healing self-transformation. Linking new sciences and quantum physics, the world of energy; within a strong base on the traditional Hatha yoga, Chinese healing exercises and the mystical power behind Vinyasa yoga your teaching will be unique, inspired and truthful.

Our collaborative trainings Hatha + Vinyasa will provide you with the knowledge to teach classes adapted to the most busiest and demanding clients, to beginner and more advanced students.

Our team loves to share their passion and life experience as teachers and practitioners and provide the secrets for a yoga practice that not only will make you feel good, but that your positive state of being will be passed on to your students.

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London SE1, UK

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