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Intensive Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

Intensive Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

Ard Nahoo Yoga School
Mullagh, Dromahair, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

18/08/2017 09:00 am
End Time
13/09/2017 6:00 pm
Total Course Hours
Opportunities for students to assist in classes
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Come and join us for our intensive Anusara Yoga Teacher Training, the first of its kind in Ireland, led by Noeleen Tyrrel, Ireland's first Certified Anusara Teacher. 

This programme gives you a chance to live and breathe yoga, immersed in a peaceful and inspirational setting. To take part requires strong commitment, enthusiasm and stamina from students with a passion for yoga that they want to develop further.

This option is perfect for those who have a strong and dedicated yoga practice in place, and for teachers looking to build upon their initial training who want to learn new skills and techniques to enhance their practice and teaching.

The training takes place over an intense period, covering around 9 hours a day. We plan to work every day with 3 half days.  Make no mistake, this is an intensive course, but one which is completely transformational.

The first half of the course follows the Anusara Immersion programme (100 contact hours) which deepens your understanding and practice of this alignment based hatha yoga system.  The second half covers 100 hour of teacher training and focuses on learning how to teach skilfully and safely.  Students can attend Immersion or TT programme separately although priority will be given to those taking part in the complete programme.


  • Applicants must have a very strong practice and understanding of yoga. You must have at least 2 years prior experience of practicing yoga. We will have telephone interviews and assess the suitability of each person individually.
  • Application form including photo of student in Trikonasana (Triangle), Adho Mukha Svanasana (Dog head down) and Sukasana (easy sitting or other sitting pose)must be submitted.   Please do not be intimidated by the photos, they are only needed to give us an idea of your sense of alignment in practice. If you are able to come and meet us prior to August then there will be no need for photos.
  • Al love of yoga, stamina and a strong work ethic

What the course entails…

100 Hour Immersion

Personal Practice

We will work with Anusara Yoga’s incredible Universal Principles of Alignment. These are a set of steps that include both energetic and physical alignment directions that once learned can be applied to every single pose.

For the first half of the programme The Anusara Immersion, there will be a strong emphasis on developing your understanding and embodiment of the principles of alignment. We will study Anatomy and develop a clear understanding of how the body works.  We will practice together to get a ‘felt’ sense of  how the body works optimally in asana. This emphasis will continue throughout the course and will create the basis and sounding board for you to jump  into learning teaching skills.


Depending on what style of yoga you have been exposed to, you may or may not have been introduced to various breathing techniques. Pranayama will be part of our daily practice.


This is an opportunity for you to learn and/or deepen your meditation practice.  Immersing yourself in contemplation, study and practice can have a powerful effect on all levels


We will work with the empowering nondual tantric yoga philosophy of ‘oneness’. We will accept that our nature is one of intrinsic goodness and will always ‘look for the good ’in ourselves, in others and in any given situation. In this vision we are perfect, whole and complete and the practice of yoga is our tool to help us recognise this. Looking to ancient texts and models we will explore the nature of  Universe and our relationship to it. We will also study the ancient text – Patanjalis Yoga Sutras and look at yoga lifestyle and ethics of yoga teaching.

100 Hour Teacher Training

Teaching Skills – we will cover…

  • Voicing
  • Directionality and clear instructions
  • Applying the Universal Principals of Alignment
  • Anatomy applied to asana
  • Creating a class plan
  • Sequencing
  • Demonstration
  • Teaching Pranayama
  • Teaching Meditation
  • Observation
  • Adjustments
  • Assisting
  • Contra Indications
  • Restoratives

Yoga Anatomy

We will look at the body structures relative to our yoga practice. The focus will be on the skeletal system and the muscular system as well as subtle anatomy. As a yoga teacher it is key that you understand how the body moves optimally.  We learn both at a cerebral level and on a kinesthetic level and use this learning and knowledge to ‘see’ our students more clearly.

Living Yoga 

The intensive nature of the course will be very challenging on a lot of levels. You will be with the group for long hours each day which is great as a support as you can help each other in your understanding of all the new material you are absorbing on a daily basis. Living together harmoniously requires thought and structure.

You must commit to:

  • Being responsible
  • Looking for the best in everyone including yourself
  • Doing your fair share
  • Keeping all your personal belongings tidy


All meals are provided, except on half-days/days off.  Food is vegetarian, organic and local as far as is possible.

Food is provided and students are responsible for serving and cleaning up after themselves. Note no food provided on days off/half days

Karma Yoga

During the course of the programme students will be assigned basic household duties to ensure the studio and cabins are in good order.


There will be short ‘empowerment reviews’ as the course progresses but there are no formal exams as such.  These tests will show both you and the faculty what you know regarding technical skills and the Universal Principles of Alignment.  In this way the tests are really an empowerment tool .  The emphasis will be on teaching what you know and teaching it well.

Instead of a formal exam a process of continuous assessment (weekly) will run throughout the course.  After each assessment students must display that they have taken on board the critique and instruction from the director.  In short, 100% attendance does not guarantee a qualification!  We must see an improvement after each assessment.


Attendance Options

Anusara 200hr Intensive course

€3,600 Early Early Bird until April 30th 2017

€4,100 after June 30th

Includes –  all tuition,  meals (no meals on half-days) and accommodation.

Does not include-  flights or transport (although we can collect from Sligo bus and train startion if given enough notice) Students must also purchase Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training Manuals and required reading list which will be given on registration


Anusara 100hr Immersion Programme only

€1,950 Early Bird until June 30th 2017

€2,100 after June 30th 2017


Anusara 100hr Teacher Training Programme only

€1,950 Early Bird until June 30th 2017

€2,100 after June 30th 2017


Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) – upon successful completion of the course students may register with ASHY as an Elements Teacher

Ard Nahoo is a registerd yoga school with Yoga Alliance UK and US – upon successful completion of the course students may register with either body

Schedules and details subject to change.

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Mullagh, Dromahair, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

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