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Pilamaya Yoga

Pilamaya Yoga

Tavira, Algarve, Portugal
8800 Tavira, Portugal

14/10/2017 09:00 am
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23/04/2018 5:30 pm
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The Pilamaya training aspires to help each student find their unique voice in teaching yoga.  We combine this highly individual and spiritual approach to yoga with the strong scientific tradition of The Minded Institute to offer you a training that is truly unique, from the heart, and based in sound evidence of the benefits of yoga for all.

Pilamaya means ‘thank you’ in the Native American language of the Lakota people. This name embodies the sense of gratitude and contentment brought into the gift of life via yoga. Shaura has a deep connection to the Lakota and Yogic traditions and these two spiritual threads inform her rich teachings.

Pilamaya Yoga has been created to empower students to become leaders in the field of yoga and humanology. For this reason each course intake is limited to 14 participants.

What you will get from this training

Our students leave this training with the ability to teach yoga with a deep understanding of multi-dimensional student needs. The Pilamaya Yoga TTC instills excellence in teaching that is rooted in compassion, sensitivity, and confidence.

Students learn appropriate sequencing and safe methods for modifying practices and/or for adjusting postures to various student levels and needs. We also delve into empirical and academic knowledge of yogic philosophy and how to weave philosophical yoga themes into asana and pranayama practices. Students practice developing strong language skills that promote clear, precise, and uplifting teaching and gain a deeper appreciation of the influence of yoga in the anatomy, physiology, neurophysiology, and subtle energy systems of our bodies.

With this training, you will have greater confidence in describing the physiological benefits of yoga to the general public and to medical professionals.

Course Structure

The course is divided into eight foci that present a combination of biological, physiological and subtle anatomical offerings. In addition, we consecutively impart and give reverence to the eight limbs of Patanjali.

The eight foci are delivered over two 10-day residentials in the Algarve, Portugal. We have found that the way the course is structured enables participants to contextualise and embed the diverse learning program.


The Pilamaya Yoga teacher training course is held in the Algarve, Portugal. Students will need to book flights to Faro airport, we will arrange a transfer to take you to the accomodation in the tranquil fishing town of Tavira, where we will commence the training.

Dates for 2017/18

Part one: 14th – 24th October 2017
Part two: 13th – 23rd April 2018

Dates for 2017/18

Part one: 16th – 24th October 2017
Part two: 13th – 23rd April 2018

Dates for 2018

Part one: 1st - 10th May 2018
Part two: 1st - 10th October 2018

Dates for 2018/19

Part one: 22nd October - 1st November 2018
Part two: 20th - 30th April 2019

Dates for 2019

Part one: 4th - 14th May 2019
Part two: 4th - 24th October 2019

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8800 Tavira, Portugal

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