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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course

Dunkerton Parish Hall, The Hollow, Dunkerton, Bath BA2 8BG
Dunkerton Parish Hall, The Hollow, Dunkerton, Bath BA2 8BG

13/04/2018 09:00 am
End Time
13/05/2018 5:00 pm
Total Course Hours
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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course with Emma Farrell


54 hours contact (6 days spread over 2 weekends – 9-6pm)

16 hours home study

70 hours total


£700- £750 – price includes tuition, assessment, certification, manual. It does not cover travel and subsistence


To be completed before the course commences:

Personal reflection work (max 500 words)

Listening to at least two different yoga nidra recordings

To be completed before the course finishes:

Two pregnancy yoga class observations (max 500 words each)

Two case studies into specific ailments of pregnancy (min 300 words, max 1,500 words)

Two yoga nidra observations (max 500 words each)

One yoga nidra original script (max 15 minutes when delivered)

Pregnancy yoga registration form and medical questionnaire

Pregnancy yoga poster or handout explaining the key benefits of pregnancy yoga (max 500 words)


Through home study work, the delivery of a yoga nidra script and delivery of a pregnancy yoga class portion


Topics covered during contact time will include:

Course outline:

Mantras and blessings

Aims, objectives and outline of the course

Personal stories and expectations


Home study, course work and assessment

General precautions and guidelines

Anatomy and physiology:

Fertility and natural conception

Assisted conception, IUI, IVF, ICSI, donor pregnancies

Anatomy and physiology of foetal development and pregnancy

Optimal foetal positioning
Stages of labour and birth

Managing the onset of labour or birth during a pregnancy yoga class
C-Section, Episiotomy and complications of childbirth
Common birth interventions

Pregnancy loss, stillbirth and premature birth

The pelvic floor and pelvic floor practices

Common pregnancy ailments

Pelvic girdle pain

Asana, adjustments and modifications:

Transitional moves

Seated poses

All fours poses

Standing poses


Wall and ball work

Resting poses

Partner work

Breathing and pranayama:

How breathing is affected by pregnancy

Lung measurements

Tidal volume and passive inhalation and exhalation


The three part breath

Circle breath

Golden thread breath

Ujayii breath

Breathing for labour stages and birth

Visualisations for breath work

Nada yoga and mudras:

Mudras for pregnancy



Use of affirmations and aspirational words

Using sound in pregnancy, yoga and birth

Use of music during a class

Psychology and emotions:

Psychological work of pregnancy

Supporting women during the class

Connecting with the unborn child


Pregnancy loss

How to deal with emotional disturbances

How birth affects the future life of the baby

Yoga Nidra:

Science of yoga nidra

Construction of a practice

Using the sankalpa during pregnancy

Different approaches to the rotation of consciousness

Do’s and don’ts for yoga nidra and pregnancy

Designing your script

Delivery of a script and use of the voice

Propping and support:

Use of props for seated postures

Use of props for asana

Propping for relaxation, different approaches for different stages of pregnancy

Post-natal recovery:

Physiology of the post-natal period

Common post-natal problems

Do’s and don’t of post-natal yoga

Yoga for breast or bottle feeding

An overview of post-natal mum and baby yoga

Practicalities and personal development:

Class observations and reflections

Self appraisal

Registration forms, paperwork

Risk assessments


Different approaches to pregnancy yoga

Managing expectations

Structuring your own classes

Food and drink during a class


Optional extra: 

Certified course in CPR and First Aid for adults and babies.

Duration: 8 hours

Price: £125

Includes: Tuition, manual, certification lasting 2 years

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Dunkerton Parish Hall, The Hollow, Dunkerton, Bath BA2 8BG

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