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Vinyasa Teaching Training

Vinyasa Teaching Training

Red Hot Yoga & Pilates
1, Norwich House, 14-15 North St, Guildford GU1 4AF, UK

11/10/2017 09:00 am
End Time
15/10/2017 5:00 pm
Total Course Hours
40 hours
Opportunities for students to assist in classes
Further training available to graduates
Job opportunities for graduates

Are you a yoga teacher? Are you looking for a training program that will enable you to add vinyasa or flow to your teaching portfolio?

Or are you an existing vinyasa teacher who is looking to immerse yourself in a week of practice and training to refresh or gain another perspective of vinyasa yoga?

Any seasoned practitioners who wish to develop a deeper understanding of vinyasa practice and the subtlety of the practice are also invited to this course.

Course Content

The course will cover

* Key elements that differentiate a vinyasa class

* Challenges of teaching vinyasa flow and the tools to meet these challenges

* Creative sequencing, especially kramas, a beautiful way of taking a practice into peak poses, as well as a comparison of other sequencing methods

* Assisting techniques- hands on assist as an alternative way of supporting your students' understanding, especially in a class that is flowing

* Cueing & developing vision, precision, sensitivity and multi points of awareness.

There will be practice labs every day to give you the opportunity to listen to teaching points from each other, as well as practice teaching in a flow, to ensure that you leave the week with the confidence to teach a flow class if you are not already.


Teachers or experienced practitioners (however, you are only allowed to teach to the general public if you already have an existing yoga teaching qualification)

A written summary of your teaching / practice experience and your goals, with regards to participating in this immersion.

Your commitment for the week in exchange for mine


Throughout my 17 years of practice, exploring many lineages, old and modern schools of yoga, my passion always pulled me back towards movement. I was fortunate to meet my teacher Shiva Rea in 2008. She changed the way i move and continues to be the main influence of my practice and teachings. Through the years, i have met so many great teachers who have shaped my understanding of yoga practice, but who have also inspired and shaped my life. These influences, together with a consistent practice, opened my understanding to what it means to live a yoga life. Starting this year, i began to feel a calling to share these teachings, as my teachers have shared with me. I feel it is a responsibility to share this knowledge and keep the flow of the tradition and information moving from one teacher to another. I say tradition very loosely as I strongly believe in evolution of practice. I feel that as information is passed on, things keep getting better with a synergy of collective understanding. This offering is my digestive understanding of what I have amassed over the years from the many teachers and mentors who have guided me, for whom I will always be grateful to. I look forward to sharing this with you.

Tuition Fee £550

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1, Norwich House, 14-15 North St, Guildford GU1 4AF, UK

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