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Best Practice Success Factors


We set minimum standards to ensure high-quality training which produces high-quality teachers. But What are 'Best Practices'?

Best Practices are standards and practices that go beyond the recommended minimums and which increase the possibility of success.

Based on conversations and feedback from Senior Teachers and Trainers, consider going the extra mile by adopting some or all of them.

Recommend A Best Practice

Accepting Students

There is always a risk that learning is compromised by having to spend too much time improving a student's level of practice, and this holds up the rest of the class. (Trainer PRO members receive a free bonus strategy on how to convert this challenge into a successful Sales campaign for your Course)

It is of course up to the Trainer what that level is, but to make sure that both Trainee and Trainer are happy with the course level there should be some form of assessment before joining the Course. 

    • The Trainee has a minimum of 2 years regular self-practice apart from attending public classes.
    • Trainee completes at least 20 hours of regular classes with the Course Principal teacher.
    • Trainer interviews the Trainee in person or if not feasible, remotely.
    • The Trainee supplies a letter of recommendation from their principal teacher.
    • The Trainer runs an open Assessment Day.

The Course

Although there are many short training courses being offered, there is a growing interest in offering longer trainings, especially for more serious students.

    • A Foundation Course with a MINIMUM of 250 hours (including 200 contact hours).
    • Consider a Payment Plan Structure
    • Provide Feedback After Each session to ensure the best progress and ‘no surprises’
    • Give Homework Assignments
    • Where possible offer the chance to sit-in and observe your regular classes


    • Base graduation on a points system made up off overall course performance, homework submitted and final assessment
    • Encourage the Graduates who join YAP to leave a review on your YAP profile as this significantly increases your Google SEO rankings.
    • Encourage your graduates to join YAP, encouraging potential students to chat with past graduates via the Private Message Board.

Post Course

Many graduates would like support after finishing their training, as well as opportunities for further training.

    • Offer Individual and Group Mentoring
    • Offer further training such as CPD workshops and specialist training.
    • If you do NOT run a studio, consider building a relationship with local studios and gyms, so your graduates have immediate possibilities of work experience.
We have many students find us through Yoga Alliance Professionals -  several in the last week.