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Book A Discovery Call
Book A Discovery Call

Get Started: It's As Easy As...

1. The 30-Minute discovery Call

Thirty minutes is all it really takes to identify if we’re the professional body you need to help your training school excel. We will share our knowledge and expertise on the call to help you get more students and even share a couple of strategies along the way.

2. Go Live!

Once live, we work with you to implement the Strategy into your own Marketing content. You're now ready to continue your mission of producing the best quality yoga teachers in the industry. In addition we advertise in the yoga magazines and social media encouraging practitioners looking to train to talk with your graduates and read the reviews!

3. We Add Your Courses & Content

The next step is building your YAP profile, to create powerful content that will provide a maximum impact on potential clients. This includes looking to connect your past graduates and get active reviews.

Ready to proceed with step 1?

Book A Discovery Call


We are proud to be associated with YAP. Our relationship goes back many years, so they are an organisation that we 100% trust to support what we do.