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What Does It Mean To Be A TrainerPRO?

It means you’re a visionary on a mission to train people to teach yoga. A trailblazer! Click here to learn more about it means to be a TrainerPRO and if it sounds like the right match for you.

Just some of the benefits you'll receive:

Unlimited Syllabi

Accredit all of your foundation, further training and specialist training at no extra cost

Priority Listing

You profile will appear higher than those who are not part of the TrainerPRO membership!

Priority Leads

Practitioners come to us to look for a training course, you will be our 1st point of call

Private Group

A private Group for TrainerPRO members where issues and blocks can be shared and solved.

Premium Profile

Your profile will allow you to add links to your website and also social media platforms.

Voting Rights

When we are making major policy changes, we'll reach out to you and ask for your thoughts.

+ many more
Learn more about the extras and pricing here!

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Trusted by 300+ training schools around the world
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        • All Syllabus and Courses meet our standards 
        • All Course and Syllabus Added to your Profile
        • All Trainee Lists Submitted
        • All Graduate Lists Submitted
        • YAP Badges and Reverse links visible on TrainerPRO website, social media and advertising literature
        • Adhere to Best Practices
TrainerPRO requirement

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Already a trainer member? Contact your account manager or get in touch!

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