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Trainer Validation & Creditibility

Yoga Alliance Professionals We are a global and independent professional body that provides validation that:

  • Trainers and Principal Teachers are fully qualified
  • The Course / Syllabi meets the highest of standards
  • The Teachers attached to your profile are genuine Graduates
  • The Reviews left on your Profile are from Genuine Course Graduates

In short, we provide VALIDATION and instil CONFIDENCE and TRUST in potential students for your Course all from an PROFESSIONAL body with no conflicting interests.

If accepted, you are given a profile on our website that confirms the Trainer, Training Course and Principal (Senior) Teacher all meet the highest of standards.

This is reflected in the use of Badges and Certificates issued and very public campaigns by YAP on the importance of high standards.

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We consider YAP to be friends & colleagues - always approachable & always available to listen to anything that’s on our minds.