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Voting Rights for Trainers

Yoga Alliance Professionals is a member-driven grassroots organisation.

The standards, processes and strategies are driven by.

TrainerPRO has been set-up to optimise the benefits for Trainers and their graduates. It expands the collective vision to improve the standard of teaching around the globe while helping students achieve their goals to teach and live extraordinary lives.

The growth of yoga has been expediential over the last few years, even more so in the current global crisis. It needs any supportive professional body to be adaptive and have the ability to pivot to support members.

An example is a move to allow Trainers to teach online during the crisis and the subsequent research to establish whether online forms part of the training process post-COVID.

We need your honest and frank feedback and input during discussions that have the potential to change standards or approaches or strategies.

As a member, we will ask for your feedback. As a TrainerPRO, Yoga Alliance Professionals will include you in voting on proposed solutions.

There is nothing for you to do. We will notify you by email (and possibly post) during any ballots.

Thank you for being part of the family.

Want Your Vote? Become a TrainerPRO!

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We consider YAP to be friends & colleagues - always approachable & always available to listen to anything that’s on our minds.