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  • 2001
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  • 79 Qualitas
    Bracknell, England RG12 7QG
    United Kingdom

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More About Sam Rao

Sam has had a multi-national lifestyle, having lived, studied and taught in many different places around the globe.

“I was born in Kampala, Uganda. Both my parents were from India. I was educated in Uganda, followed by High School and University in Vancouver, Canada. I came to UK in early 1971 and it is here I met and married my wife, Coral. We have been living in Berkshire now for the past 25 years and have two sons – Doug and Ian. Coral and I are also pleased to announce that we are soon to become Grandparents for the first time!”

Encouraged by his father, Sam began his yoga journey as a young child, but it wasn’t until he suffered a serious injury to his lower back as an adult, that he found himself turning to yoga as a serious practice.

“It was the result of a wrong move in a squash game. Since then I found myself moving further away from my regular gym sessions and more towards yoga.”

On a yoga retreat in 1999 Sam met Ruth White, an inspirational and dynamic Iyengar yoga teacher who had been taught by Mr BKS Iyengar. It was with Ruth that he decided to complete a three year yoga teaching programme, and never looked back.

“I am very interested in understanding the human body and how the regular practice of yoga can benefit and affect the body, mind and spirit. I eventually gave up my job in IT and have been teaching yoga for years now. I love the satisfaction I get from teaching a large group of students.”

Sam is a senior yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and runs mixed ability yoga classes in the Wokingham, Crowthorne, Bracknell and Sunningdale areas. As well as his public classes, he has a well-established yoga teacher training school, focusing on ‘teaching to teach’ and educating his yogis on the effects of postures on the body as a whole.

Sam teaches with enthusiasm, and brings warmth and clarity to his explanations, enabling his students to easy visualise and work with the body. His unique style of teaching unites pupil and teacher in an atmosphere of fun and wellbeing. He’s also well known for his attention to detail and precision in postures. At all times encouraging his students to extend their potential and to work through their limitations.

It is Sam’s intention to develop a world-class yoga school that concentrates on teaching excellence, developing supportive teacher communities, and promoting yoga as an integral part of everyone’s daily health routine.

Sam Rao Yoga is affiliated with The Yoga Alliance, offering a high standard of training and qualifications that are transferable throughout Western Europe, North America, Canada and Australia. Our rolling programme means you can join our school at any time, and each day you attend is counted towards your final qualification.

The Yoga Alliance levels we teach are 

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour ( Level 1 )

(10 week-ends over a minimum of 10 months and a maximum of 18 months)

Recognized throughout the international yoga community as the minimum standard of teaching qualification. It gives the students a comprehensive foundation on the principals of yoga, allowing you to teach safely with mixed-abilities yoga. In this course, you will learn how to teach over 30 yoga postures and 4 different types of pranayama (breathing techniques).

  • ¥Yoga postures (asanas), yoga philosophy, the principals on which yoga is based, Patanjaliʼs yoga sutras and the 8 limbs of yoga.
  • ¥Pranayama/Meditation. Breathing techniques, its uses and benefits. Developing personal meditation, and learning to guide others.
  • ¥Anatomy and Physiology in its scientific form and what is relevant to our modern day life-styles. Plus energy systems – chakras, nadis, meridians and how to use Hatha yoga for better health.
  • ¥Yoga styles. You will learn some of the main styles of yoga, from various visiting teachers, although we will stay focused on Hatha Yoga.
  • ¥Teaching practice. By teaching yoga postures from the first day of your training. You will build up, over the course, your confidence and your own teaching style through observations, assisting in classes and Samʼs teaching guidance.
  • ¥Special Module. Teaching yoga to men. Postures, Physiology and understanding the need to use facts and statistics to teach men.
  • ¥Business How to run a yoga business, professional standards, insurance, simple book-keeping and managing your accounts. Simple and practical.


Can I join the school anytime?                        

Yes. Our enrolment programme is designed on a rolling basis. You can join at any time during the year to begin the first of your 10 modules.

Do I have to attend every month? 

No, not at all. You attend the weekends that suit you and fit in with your existing commitments. Every weekend you attend is counted as a training module, and goes towards your final qualification.

How many modules do I need to qualify?  

You need to take 10 modules to qualify for the RYT200Hrs. (Level 1)  

How long does the course take?

The RYT200Hrs training course can be taken over a period of 10 to 18 months depending on your availability.

Can I take a break?

Yes, if your circumstances mean you need to take a break, this can be discussed and we will do our best to create a plan for you. You will NOT lose the credit of modules you have completed. 

Can I transfer from my existing school?  

Yes most certainly. You will get confirmation of the credits you have gained towards your qualification for RYT200Hrs  

Has anyone else transferred from other yoga school? 

Yes, there were recently 5 students (up to Jan 2012) who joined the teacher training school after making a decision to move from their existing training school.

If you have any other questions or queries about our Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course then please feel free to get in touch or call on us 07775 770 526. 

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