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The Asana Clinic

Brian Cooper instructs two models on how to perform popular yoga postures with the correct form and technique.

Amrita Online

Access all previous copies of Amrita yoga magazine for free! Find them here

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Trainee Insurance

You may require trainee insurance so that you can practice teaching while training. Teaching classes while you are a trainee can be beneficial to your confidence and will allow you to find your voice as a yoga teacher. Learn more about trainee insurance here!

The Trainee Network

It's normal to have a mini freak-out on your teacher training course, and what better way to help ease your mind than to discuss these issues with other trainees going through the same thing! Join the group here!

Visit The Trainee Blog

On the trainee blog, you'll find lots of articles to help you on your journey. 

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Top Tips From Our Trainers

1. Be prepared to commit to and prioritise your study both inside and outside of the classroom. 
2. If you are travelling abroad, prepare in advance. Learn essential phrases and make sure you have a basic grasp of your trainer’s native language.
Be prepared to cover everything from Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Business and Marketing.
4. When carrying out personal yoga practice, repeat the relevant cues either out loud or in your mind. 
5. Apply for trainee insurance. Having the opportunity to practice as you move through the course is the best way to boost your confidence.
6. Do not leave coursework until the last minute! Keeping on top of your work is the most effective way of learning.

How Can I Upgrade My Membership To Full Teacher?

Your Trainer will normally notify us within 7 days of your course graduation and you can expect to receive an email invitation regarding upgrading to a Teacher Membership.

If you do not receive this and would like to upgrade, please give us a call - 0131 659 9922

Can I Charge To Teach Classes?

Yes, you may charge students who attend the class. You must inform students in advance that you are not a fully qualified teacher and you must charge less than a fully trained teacher. 

Your principal teacher or trainer must give their approval for you to teach classes, and you must stay in regular contact with them, to get feedback. You can teach for a maximum of 2 hours per week.

You must have insurance to be able to teach classes!

Further Training Courses

Further Training Events are all the courses that you complete after your first Foundation (200hr min) teacher training course. We strongly believe that it is very important for all yoga teachers to continue learning new skills throughout their teaching career. Search for further training here!

Specialist Training Courses

Pregnancy, Kids, Teens, Sports Yoga, Thai & Ayurvedic Massage and Meditation are also known as specialist courses. This means that they can be completed also by professionals in the field who want to incorporate yoga into their day job (e.g. a school teacher specialising in kids or teens yoga). View all specialist courses here!

What Do Teacher Members Get?

When you upgrade to the teacher level you'll receive:

√ A public profile on the Yoga Alliance Professionals Directory
√ Advertise your workshops and retreats
√ Accreditation certificate and badge
√ Share articles, videos and photo albums on your profile
√ Network with other Accredited Teachers
√ Access to Marketing Tools
√ Discounted Insurance is available (for UK and Eire)
...and much more!