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Amrita Yoga Magazine

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Latest Release: Amrita Issue 6

The 6th issue of Amrita Magazine, Yoga Alliance Professionals’ annual yoga magazine, was released on the 21st of April. This year the focus is on asana; the origins and evolution of the physical postures that have now become synonymous with the practice of yoga practice. 

Going beyond contemporary trends, Amrita offers up in-depth commentary, quality research and insights from skilled yoga professionals. Over the years, Amrita has become an authoritative voice on all things yoga.  

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Previous Editions

amrita issue 1 yoga magazine
Download Issue 1
This first issue illustrates the wonderful diversity of yoga and showcasing how yoga has evolved to meet the challenges and needs of the present day.
amrita issue 2 yoga magazine
Download Issue 2
This edition delves into the the question of what constitutes yoga, the roots of yoga and the shift we are seeing today.
Amrita issue 3 Yoga Magazine
Download Issue 3
This issue questions the real essence of yoga, from Western modified asanas to some more esoteric practices such as Kechari mudra. Is yoga a solitary discipline or community enterprise?
amrita issue 4 yoga magazine
Download Issue 4
This issues focuses on Yoga Therapy. What is Yoga Therapy? This edition includes a number of case studies and practical examples of yoga being used therapeutically which will inspire the reader to come to some conclusions of their own.
Download Issue 5
Our fifth issue of Amrita Magazine looks at that still unexplored and mysterious place we call the mind.