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Amrita Yoga Magazine

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Amrita Yoga Magazine Issue 5

New Release: Amrita Issue 5

Our fifth issue of Amrita Magazine looks at that still unexplored and mysterious place we call the mind. Yoga and the mind share an intimate connection and we discuss various methods of harnessing the power of the mind. We include the long debated and controversial subject of using psychedelics in assisting to enter altered states of consciousness.

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Previous Editions

amrita issue 1 yoga magazine
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This first issue illustrates the wonderful diversity of yoga and showcasing how yoga has evolved to meet the challenges and needs of the present day.
amrita issue 2 yoga magazine
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This edition delves into the the question of what constitutes yoga, the roots of yoga and the shift we are seeing today.
Amrita issue 3 Yoga Magazine
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This issue questions the real essence of yoga, from Western modified asanas to some more esoteric practices such as Kechari mudra. Is yoga a solitary discipline or community enterprise?
amrita issue 4 yoga magazine
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This issues focuses on Yoga Therapy. What is Yoga Therapy? This edition includes a number of case studies and practical examples of yoga being used therapeutically which will inspire the reader to come to some conclusions of their own.

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