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Badges & Stamps

Are You Ready For A Challenge? 

How many of the qualification badges below do you think you can collect in the upcoming year? Perhaps 2020 will be your year of development!

Badges And Stamps Help You To Promote Your Experience To The Public! 

Teacher Stamps

When you sign up with us, you will receive a membership stamp.  Not only does the new terminology make it simpler for the general public to understand, but it is a true reflection on where you are on your journey as a teacher!

membership stamp - Accredited-1

membership stamp - EXPERIENCED

membership stamp - Senior

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Trainer and Training Course Stamps

Accredited trainers also get their own membership stamp! These are a good way to let others know just how good your training courses are. One of the ways you can do this is by using your membership stamps on your website and other marketing materials (leaflets, website, business cards etc.) to get the word out. 

membership stamp - TRAINER

course - original - whitebg


You can use these fun badges to simply collect them on your profile, or you can use them on your marketing materials (flyers, business cards etc. )

If you are a graduate from an accredited Teacher Training Course and a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, you will receive the Foundation Badge.

Final Badges-06

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As a graduate from a Specialist course or further training course, you will also receive badges (so long as both you and the course is accredited with us). 

Final Badges-04
Final Badges-03

Final Badges-02


Final Badges-05
Thai and Ayurvedic Massage


Custom Badges

Trainers can opt to create their own custom badge. These badges work the same as the others, the badge will be displayed on the teacher profile and can be used for any marketing materials. You can find an example of a custom badge below.

custom badge example


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