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You Are The Gatekeeper to Yoga

Work with us to promote the importance of both training and experience

Yoga Alliance Professionals is proud to work with trainers who meet our high professional standards. 

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List Your Courses

Yoga Foundation Course

Foundation Course

  • Main route to become a qualified yoga teacher
  • This event is open to anyone
  • Must be at least 200 hours
  • Different criteria for Intensive Courses

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Specialist Yoga Training

Specialist Course

  • Shorter courses on specific specialist topics
  • This event is open to anyone
  • Min. 28 contact hours
  • Cannot exceed 199 hours (this is foundation course)

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further training for yoga teachers

Further Training Courses

  • Minimum of 28 contact hours
  • No maximum contact hours
  • Tailored to yoga teachers
  • Taught by a SYT
  • During COVID-19, accredit online Further Training for Teachers courses

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Trainer Benefits


A quick recap of the things you have to look forward to!


Build your unique trainer package. The price you pay will depend on what courses you'd like to run!

What Your Graduates Get

Introducing you to badges and certificates. These benefit you AND your graduates!


We can offer trainers a discounted corporate insurance policy through Balens.

Online Training

FAQ for trainers who have temporarily moved their training online.


Gathering reviews on your trainer profile is beneficial to your business

A Quick Overview

Anybody can be a yoga teacher, and anybody can set themselves up as a yoga teacher trainer. Shocking as it may seem, this is the reality in today's yoga world. So what happens if you are an experienced yoga teacher, live a yogic life, have studied with many great teachers, and now feel it is time to pass your experience and knowledge on by offering a teacher training? How are you going to be seen? And how can you best help your students once they graduate to be seen?

This is why Yoga Alliance Professionals was set up. We are here to support and promote quality training. Over the years we have gained a reputation for our no comprise approach to standards. Our accreditation is recognised as a benchmark for high standards in both training and teaching.

Are you interested in becoming an accredited trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals? Here's what happens next: We talk to you. Seems obvious, but this is the most important part. What we are doing is forming a partnership, checking we're on the same wavelength, that we can work together, that we share similar ideas about yoga training. We explore a common vision for the future of yoga and how best to achieve it. We use the word 'professionals' in our name, which not only mean earning a living but also means doing something to the best, being competent and experienced and trustworthy. If you believe in these concepts we are half way there. 

The key to running a good, sustainable Trainer is passing down your knowledge and experience with integrity and passion.

Yoga Alliance Professionals has always seen our registered trainers as partners. We work hard to help our trainers grow to be the most authentic and successful they can be. In turn, this produces confident and capable yoga teachers.

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    Yoga Trainer Pricing

    Build Your Package

    Only pay for what you use! Unlocking any of the following course types allows you to add unlimited syllabi within that course type.

    If you are already an accredited trainer with us but want to add a course category to your membership plan, please book a meeting here

    Foundation Courses 275
    Further Training 225
    Specialist Courses 225
    Basic Trainer Membership Fee: £250

    Your bundle:

    Total: 250

    Start Application

    *We accept £s, €s and $s

    Badges & Certificates


    When your graduates register as teacher members, they will receive badges from the courses you have accredited! Not only can your graduates use these badges on marketing materials, but these badges also help promote you by linking back to your profile.

    Course badges will also be shown on your trainer profile. When these are clicked on, your training course will display.

    pregnancy yoga

    kids yoga

    teen yoga


    yoga for sport




    thai and Ayurvedic massage



    Custom Badges

    If you want the badges to be a bit more unique to you and your brand, you can do so! If you decide to create a custom badge, all of your graduates registered with us will receive your badge for free!

    This is fantastic advertising for your course because your graduates are promoting you. They can show your unique custom badge on both their profile pages and websites.

    Give us a call to discuss this further - 0131 659 9922

    custom badge example

    Why Would You Need A Corporate Policy?

    • Protect your business against claims - in the event of a claim; a claimant can try to take legal action against both the individual teacher and the business. For example, you run a yoga studio, and a teacher who you employ injures a class participant. The claimant (participant) can claim against both the individual teacher and the studio for compensation. Legal costs alone for defending a claim can be costly! Insurance protection will help with legal expenses. 
    • Issuing graduation certificates from Teacher Training and Workshops - most yoga teacher insurance, ours included, does not cover you for issuing graduation certificates to teachers who you have trained as part of a Teacher Training Course or Workshop. If you issue certificates at the end of a training course or workshop, then you should have a Corporate Policy in place to protect yourself should there be a claim from a course participant.  

    • Teach Retreats/Workshops - if you are using a business name to teach abroad whether this is for an event, workshop, retreat or training, make sure that the business has coverage for running such events. 
    Find out more information

    Online Training

    Due to COVID-19, most trainers have had to move their teacher training courses online. If your foundation teacher training course is normally face-to-face, with 180 contact hours and is temporarily online you can apply for a trainer membership! 

    We will honour all Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited online foundation courses which were scheduled during this time. Courses can end after lock down restrictions are lifted. 

    In response to interest from our members, we can also offer accreditation for online Further Training Courses.

    We have put together a FAQ on this topic which you can read here.

    Receiving Reviews

    Your Yoga Alliance Professionals profile allows your graduates to post reviews of your teacher training course. Not only is this beneficial to increase trust in your training course, but it has other advantages too.

    1. If your graduate is a registered member of ours, they will be able to leave a verified review on your profile. In turn, this opens up the possibility of future students contacting your previous graduates, using the private message board.
    2. Your profile will receive an SEO (search engine optimisation) boost! If you've never heard of SEO before it helps search engines, such as Google, to determine the importance of a web page. The more optimised a site, the higher up it appears in search engine rankings.
    3. Another perk of gathering reviews on your profile is you'll appear near the top of search results within our directory. Unlike others, we don't list members in alphabetical order but instead, list them based on how many reviews they have. 

    Watch a video with useful tips on showing up first on Google!

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    If you are already an accredited trainer with us but want to add a course category to your membership plan, please book a meeting here