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Yoga Studio Insurance and Yoga Trainer Insurance

Corporate Yoga Insurance

Do you run a yoga business; such as a studio or run teacher training courses? Read on to ensure you have business insurance in place to cover your needs as teacher insurance, may not cover your additional requirements.

Why do I need a separate Insurance Policy for my Studio or Training School?

  • Protect your business against claims - in the event of a claim; a claimant can try to take legal action against both the individual teacher and the business. For example, you run a yoga studio, and a teacher who you employ injures a class participant. The claimant (participant) can claim against both the individual teacher and the studio for compensation. Legal costs alone for defending a claim can be costly! Insurance protection will help with legal expenses. 
  • Issuing graduation certificates from Teacher Training and Workshops - most yoga teacher insurance, ours included, does not cover you for issuing graduation certificates to teachers who you have trained as part of a Teacher Training Course or Workshop. If you issue certificates at the end of a training course or workshop, then you should have a Corporate Policy in place to protect yourself should there be a claim from a course participant.  

  • Teach Retreats/Workshops - if you are using a business name to teach abroad whether this is for an event, workshop, retreat or training, make sure that the business has coverage for running such events. 

Can Yoga Alliance Professionals Help?

Yes, we can!

Yoga Alliance Professionals works closely with Balens Ltd (our insurance broker) and have developed a yoga trainer & yoga studio insurance policy for our UK members. Our pricing is hugely competitive, with prices starting from £71 per annum.
Turnover Total Premium Payable*
£0 - £30k £71
£31k - £65k £95
£66k - £100k £125
£101k - £150k £175
£151k - £250k £389
* these are estimated prices and Balens can provide a more accurate quote

The Key Features

The policy covers all teachers that are directly employed or who are working under the direction or supervision of the policy holder. If the teacher is working on a self-employed basis or work is being subcontracted, then a copy of their insurance documents must be held on file and provided to Balens Ltd in the event of a claim

Covers Professional, Public & Products Liability
£6,000,000 limit of indemnity 
Unlimited claims during a policy year 
Unlimited legal defence costs are covered 
Unlimited certificates can be issued each year
Available to businesses who are registered in UK
Covers products sold in conjunction to Yoga. Unlimited sales to clients & up to £30,000 in sales to non-clients
Covers business for running standard yoga classes through to cover events & teacher training courses*
This policy covers Yoga and Meditation activities, this does not include Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga and YogaLates


This product is available for our Trainer (learn more about the requirements) and Studio Members. The policy is suitable for all types of yoga businesses from sole traders, limited companies to charities. You must have an active membership with us at all times.

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Join Us As A Studio

Covers the named business to run an event/workshop/retreat/teacher training in a different location
e.g. visiting a different country to run a retreat (Conditions apply). The policy excludes cover for work performed in the USA and Canada

How Do I Apply?

You must have an active membership with us at all times. If you are not a member already, get in touch on 0131 659 9922 or join here!

Existing members can give us a call on 0131 659 9922 and we will pass your details on to Balens Ltd, with your permission. They will then contact you to arrange a quote and then arrange your payment.


Other Types of Insurance to consider (Not included in Corporate Insurance)

Protecting your Building and Content

You will most likely have your own equipment, such as computers, furniture, ornaments etc and we would advise that you insure this against loss or damage. For this you will need Contents Insurance.
Studio owners should have insurance in place to protect the building from damage. This could be caused by flood, fire, storm damage etc. If you have a mortgage on the property, then most mortgage providers will insist that you take out Buildings Insurance.

Do You Employ Staff?

Then you will require Employer’s Liability Insurance - it’s a UK government requirement that employers have this in place. This protects a business against the cost of compensation claims arising from employee illness or injury, sustained as a result of their work within your yoga business.  

If you have other teachers working in your business, then it is important to ensure that they also have their own insurance in place to cover them while they teach classes. Remember if you take out a Corporate Insurance policy with Yoga Alliance Professionals then this will cover them to teach classes within your business. 

This insurance policy is arranged through Balens Ltd. We have chosen to work with Balens as their policies are underwritten by Zurich Insurance Plc for the UK. You can view all of our policies here.
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