Insurance Key Facts

Information for Members residing in the EU

Insurance for Members with Residency in the European Union

We are able to offer insurance to members who are domiciled within the following European Countries: The Netherlands, France, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Malta. These policies can be organised for you by contacting the Yoga Alliance Professionals office. Applicants from these countries can apply for insurance once their application to join Yoga Alliance Professionals has been approved. 

If you would like to apply for one of these policies, please contact the Yoga Alliance Professionals office on +44 (0) 131 659 9922 or 0800 088 6067 and we will arrange for Balens Ltd to contact you to arrange the policy. The policy is only valid while you are an active member of Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Who are the policy Underwriters?
These policies are underwritten by Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd.

European Insurance Key Points

We can offer a comprehensive insurance policy for named European countries (Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, France and The Netherlands), these policies are offered by Balens Ltd who are the UK market leaders in supplying insurance to Natural Medicine and Wellbeing Professionals. Their policy wordings are drawn up to be unique to each country and to comply with that country’s legislation. The documents have been translated into each respective language and Balens Ltd can offer telephone support in these languages. Please note in order to apply for a European Insurance
Policy you must be domiciled in that country.

Yoga Alliance Professionals members can get a discounted insurance policy with Balens. Our unique policy has important features that other insurance packages on the market may not include. Please refer to what is covered by the policy below. Balens pride themselves on the superior service that they offer their clients. They will offer expert help and support in the event of an incident or potential claim. Their experience in helping lift the burden and giving skilled advice to avoid problems when they are advised of an incident is second to none. They use a different approach when dealing with claims, they will help you deal with these initially without resorting to solicitors, and they will not just pay a claim quickly to reduce their costs, as can easily happen. Practitioners want their version of a case to be considered, their reputation, and the reputation of the Therapy, could be affected as a result of claims paid for as a matter of expediency.

In addition to yoga, our European policy also covers a list of therapies (provided you are qualified in them). 

What is covered by the policy?
  • Unlimited trips abroad anywhere in the World excluding USA and Canada.
  • No excess charge on each claim.
  • General Liability and Product Liability are included and claims in this section do not reduce the amounts covered in other sections of the policy as is usually the case in other policies.
  • Retroactive cover for previous work performed.
  • Run-off Cover automatically included – no need to keep your policy going if you stop teaching.
  • Covers late discovered claims.
  • Medical Malpractice, Professional Indemnity, Errors and Omissions are covered.
  • Public Liability - Bodily Injury to any person, or 3rd Party Property Damage. 
  • Products Liability - Bodily Injury to any person and/or 3rd party Property Damage, arising from the sale or supply of any Medicines. Includes Liability for injury caused by Products. Unlimited product sales to your clients and up to €30,000 to non-clients.
  • Payment of damages and claimant’s costs as a result of any Claim.
  • Legal costs and expenses are included, in addition to the limit of indemnity.
  • Loss of Documents
  • Loss of Reputation.
  • Libel & Slander, Breach of Confidentiality, Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality or Privacy.
  • Unintentional breach of copyright or any other intellectual property right.
  • Includes cover for Teaching, providing you are not issuing a Certificate of qualification.
  • Good Samaritan Acts and First Aid.
  • Limit of Indemnity is €500,000.
  • Sexual Harassment Defence Costs if found innocent.
  • Flexible underwriting to accommodate changes in your practice.
  • Multi therapy policy – many different therapies can be included, most at no extra cost. You must hold a qualification in any named therapy in order for it to be covered.

Prices (all Prices in EUROS and paid annually to Balens Ltd)

Teacher Insurance
Trainee Insurance
The Netherlands

For the purpose of insurance only Yoga Alliance Professionals is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Balens Ltd, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WRI4 2TA who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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