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Public Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teacher Insurance

Yoga teacher liability insurance, available to the UK and Ireland

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It looks like you are in the USA. This policy is for residents of the UK and Eire only.
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Did you know that as a yoga teacher you can be held legally liable for loss or damage to third party property, injury or other harm, financial loss alleged by students, or other parties? Accidents can happen to the best of us, make sure you are protected with insurance for yoga teachers!

Let us help; Yoga Alliance Professionals understands what teachers need to run their classes and workshops.

Our experience and marketing power has enabled us to partner with a major Insurance Broker (Balens Ltd) and provides you with unrivalled protection for your therapeutic and consulting work. This is an exclusively designed insurance policy and is available through yoga teacher membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals.  

We offer a master Yoga and Meditation insurance policy from Balens Ltd. Please note this yoga teacher insurance is only available to members in the UK and Ireland. For UK members, the yoga insurance costs £49 on top of membership fees, for members in Ireland the additional cost of insurance is €59. 

Get Covered With Insurance!

There are two aspects to our insurance policy, Professional, Public & Products Liability & DAS Legal Package (ARAG Legal Protection for EIRE).

Key Features of the Policy

Most gyms and studios require your limit of indemnity to be at least £6,000,000/€6,500,000 which is standard in our policy.

Covers Professional, Public & Products Liability

£6,000,000/€6,500,000 limit of indemnity 

Unlimited claims during a policy year 

Unlimited legal defence costs are covered 

No Aggregate
(£6m/€6.5m per claim)

First Aid cover as well as Good Samaritan Acts

Claims Occurring Basis 

Libel and Slander cover 

No excess fee 

Accidental loss/damage to property that the insured is deemed legally liable for*

*in relation to premises leased, rented or hired Please note insurance policies for Ireland includes a Coronavirus Absolute Exclusion clause, click here for full policy wording (UK) Or Here (EIRE)

Breach of Intellectual Property, Client Confidentiality Protection cover

Temporary Trips abroad are covered without a time limit (excl. Russia, Belarus, USA and Canada)

We recommend that you read the full policy wording to find out more about this yoga instructor insurance policy. Learn more about the UK policy, or learn about the Ireland Policy.

Get this and more with the Yoga Alliance Professionals Membership!

For UK members, total cost of membership and insurance is £148. 

For members in Ireland, the total cost of membership and insurance is €168.

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public liability insurance for yoga teachers


This yoga instructor insurance covers malpractice: Improper, illegal, or negligent professional behaviour.

Professional Indemnity

This pays the teacher’s legal costs, as well as any compensation payments that may be due, if a yoga teacher’s student takes legal action against them for a mistake they have made when providing professional services, advice or designs to their student

Public/Products Liability

This covers a yoga teacher’s business against: Injury caused to a third party during their business activities. Damage caused to third party property. Personal injury or damage to property arising from any product they have supplied.

Retroactive Cover

If a member does not renew for any reason, Balens automatically include Run-off cover for an unlimited period of time, meaning that if a claim were to be made years down the line after stopping their policy, they will always be covered for work did within the insured period.

Policy also includes DAS Legal Package

The policy will pay legal costs up to £100,000 including solicitors’ and barristers’ fees, court costs, expenses for expert witnesses, attendance expenses and accountants’ fees. It will also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal.

*UK policy only, there is 
ARAG Legal Protection for EIRE policy*

Frequently Asked Questions

This insurance policy will cover you to teach online. Please refer to the FAQs found here to find out the requirements and limitations.

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This is a master insurance policy which is arranged through the UK Branch of Balens Europe B.V., further information available on the Terms of Business document (UK click here or EIRE click here). We have chosen to work with this insurance intermediary due to the insurance products they can provide using 2 insurers, XL Insurance Company SE and ARAG Legal Protection Ltd, again please see the attached information for details.

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