How long will it take to receive my documents once I have renewed?

We aim to get your Insurance Documents to you within 2-3 working days of the renewal payment (usually sent within 24 hours).

If you need your documents sooner (such as on the same day), we can expedite the process for a £25 admin fee.

Please note we can only send your documents, once your profile has been completed to 100% on our website.

If you are certain your insurance documents should have been sent by now, please check your junk/spam folder. The insurance documents will sometimes end up there.

If there is any possibility we have multiple email addresses on file for you, it may be the case the insurance documents have been sent to the wrong email address. You can specify your primary email address here.

If you are a Trainer Pro, remember that you will have two accounts (one as a teacher and one as a trainer). Your insurance documents are associated with your teacher email address.