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How to submit an article for the Yoga Alliance Professionals blog

If you are a keen writer and are interested in featuring your work in our public blog, all you need to do is email the written piece (between 800-1,000 words), plus biography and high-res headshot to support@yogaallianceprofessionals.org

We will review the content and decide whether it is suitable for the blog. If not, we may recommend you upload the text to your personal profile or another forum. 

Here are a few guidelines for the kind of content we publish:

  • The blogs should not be promotional. This is a space to inform others about interesting topics, not promote your business. 
  • The posts should be exclusive to Yoga Alliance Professionals and not published elsewhere. 
  • The content should be relevant and engaging. Why are you talking about this topic, and why now?
  • The content should be factual and accurate. Is there any evidence to support your work? For example, new research, survey results or statistics. 
  • You are expected to share the published blog post with your mailing list, social media and other marketing.