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Karma Classes

Karma Yoga

Karma yoga, also called Karma marga, is one of the three spiritual paths. Karma yoga is selfless action performed for the benefit of others. 

Karma classes are donation-based or sometimes free classes provided by teachers. This can be seen as a way for yoga teachers to perform karma yoga, serve and give back to the community.

If the class is donation-based, often the proceeds will be donated to a charity. 

Free classes

Offering Karma, Free or Donation-based Classes is a fantastic way to practice your teaching skills, give back to the community and reconnect with your intentions as a teacher. 

However, don't feel obliged to offer classes for free - it's equally important to value your time and be fairly compensated for your knowledge and effort.

Remember: if it's your intention to share your yoga knowledge and grow the yoga community you can only do this when your bills are being paid and you have the time and energy to run your classes. 


If you intend to offer free classes, keep in mind that these carry the same risks to students as a paid class. We highly recommend you have insurance in place for any type of teaching.