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The Benefits Of  An Accredited Yoga Teacher With Yoga Alliance Professionals

Your Public Profile

  • Display your further training through badges
  • Submit Articles
  • Add photos and videos
  • Receive and send private messages

Yoga Teacher Resources

  • Access all issues of Amrita yoga magazine online
  • The Teacher Hub - A resource centre for teachers
  • Discount Portal - Access discounts and offers from yoga & health brands!
  • Exclusive wholesale discount (no min. spend) with Ekotex Yoga
  • Business support
  • Teaching Support
  • Counselling (UK & EIRE insurance policyholders)


  • All of your profile content will be visible on the Feed
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group for teachers & trainers

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£99 per annum

We can also take payment in Euros (€) and US dollars ($) if required. 

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£148 per annum

(UK and Ireland only)


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More Information

Being A Professional Yoga Teacher

Firstly it’s all about having a mindset about yoga being a legitimate career rather than a part-time hobby. Say it aloud! ‘I am a professional yoga teacher’!

Secondly, authenticity is super important to most yoga teachers. But it’s the ones who stay fiercely dedicated to remaining true, while still striving to make things work financially, who succeed the most. Call it Karma, but those who remain true to who they are and to the principles of yoga often receive a devoted student base. It’s that devoted student base that helps build financial sustainability.


Yoga Alliance Member Benefits

Public Education on Qualified Teachers

By sharing various educational materials such as articles, social media posts, videos, and more, we are working to educate practitioners on the value of training with a qualified teacher.

For example, the article "Is Your Yoga Teacher Qualified?" emphasises how to choose a professional yoga teacher based on their knowledge and experience, rather than superficial elements like their number of social media followers.

Yoga Alliance Benefits - Stamps

Transparency of Training Experience

All too often, the number of students a teacher gains is a result of their knowledge on marketing and social media. However, many of the most committed teachers spend their time working on their craft rather than promoting their services. Our solution? Member Badges

These unique designs help practitioners learn more about their teachers and make educated decisions when choosing a qualified yoga teacher.

Yoga Alliance Professionals Benefits of Membership

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