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Therapies Insurance

Members living in the UK and Ireland can get discounted Insurance to cover for additional Therapies! 

What Is Covered?

Our Master Yoga and Meditation Insurance Policy covers you to teach (provided you hold a training certificate) and practice all activities, of Yoga & Meditation.

If you teach Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga and YogaLates, you will need additional Therapies cover. These styles of yoga are deemed higher risk and are not covered under the Yoga and Meditation Policy.

The additional therapies policy covers the activities noted on the Therapies List, subject to you holding a qualification. If you practice an activity that is not Yoga and Meditation or listed please follow the online application link, there will be a stage to add all additional activities.  

View The Therapies List

Anything Class 4 and above cannot be covered under the YAP therapies scheme and will need to be done direct

The premium for a therapies policy is at a heavily discounted rate and is subject to having an active membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

How Much Does The Extra Cover Cost?

UK - £44

Ireland - €80


The premium is paid annually directly to Balens Ltd. Your Yoga Alliance Professionals annual membership fee is paid via annual auto-renewal to us.

Please note, the policy is only valid if you have an active membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

The premium for the therapies policy is given at a heavily discounted rate. There may be an additional premium payable to Balens Ltd to cover any activities that are deemed to be higher risk.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply using the UK Application Form or the EIRE Application Form. 

Please note cover is subject to receipt of suitable qualifications by Balens Ltd. If you practice an activity that is not listed, please follow the online application and submit the activity required or contact Balens Ltd for guidance.

If you have any further questions on taking out the additional therapies policy, please contact Balens Ltd on 01684 581887 or by email on yap@balens.co.uk


Other Types Of Insurance Available

Corporate Insurance

Do you run a yoga business; such as a studio or run teacher training courses? Click here to ensure you have insurance in place to cover your business needs as teacher insurance insurance, (ours included) may not cover your additional needs

UK & EIRE Insurance

Members based in the UK or EIRE can get insurance included with their membership! To find out what you will be covered for and the key features, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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