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Training Online FAQ


The guidelines as set out by Balens:

  • The online course content must follow as closely as possible the syllabus sent and approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Including teaching, practical work, online assessments and coursework.
  • The course must include training in human anatomy and physiology.
  • The underwriter for the policy, Zurich, stipulates that the final assessment is face to face in person (where possible for future courses) or via an online video-call. 
  • The revisions in standards are for yoga teacher training courses only. It does not include any other holistic therapy teacher training you offer outside of Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Online Training

Other Questions


If you have further questions about this please get in touch with us  here! Please note that our staff are working from home and we have a limited team at the moment. We will get back to you as soon as we can.