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Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and PMLD

Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy and PMLD

Special Yoga Foundation
7, R B Bldg, 557 Harrow Rd, London W10 4RH, UK

Start Time
27/03/2017 09:30 am
End Time
28/03/2017 5:30 pm

In this 2 day CPD, you will learn how to create a therapeutic yoga practise for children with Cerebral Palsy and/or PMLD. The intensive will include how to use specific massage techniques to release tension in the limbs, tools to relax muscular tension in the joints, manage spasms, increase breath capacity, create the optimum environment for relaxation, how to help the child to be more comfortable and peaceful in their body, understand the physical, physiological and energetic and emotional bodies and practises to support pain where needed.

Course Benefits / Takeaways

  • Grow your confidence and skillset as a school teachers, yoga teacher or occupational therapists in supporting individuals with cerebral palsy and PMLD
  • How to help the child to increase breath capacity
  • How to help the child to be more connected to the body and develop their optimum functionality
  • How to use yoga nidra effectively for this population
  • How to adapt yoga asanas

Therapeutic Impact of Special Yoga

  • Improving motor control and motor planning skills
  • Developing physical strength, muscle tone and balance
  • Promoting flexibility and correcting postural misalignment
  • Establishing calm, organised mental states

Who can do this course…

The following are able to participate in this course, if you are not sure whether you can do this course please contact us at

  • Students of Special Yoga Foundation
  • School teachers
  • Special needs teachers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • All yoga teachers
  • Practising yoga students
  • Special needs and paediatric professionals
  • Parent of a special needs child

To learn how to plan towards becoming a professional special needs yoga practitioner (or if you already qualify) please contact us at or call +44 208 968 1900

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7, R B Bldg, 557 Harrow Rd, London W10 4RH, UK

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