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Did you know yoga helps reduce sick days, lower stress levels, and increase output at the workplace?

Finding the right yoga professional to consult with is key to setting up a successful program that delivers on the results you're looking to bring to your company.

Yoga Is A Small Investment That Can Make A Big Impact

Research shows that lower back pain and work-related stress are an extremely common symptom, experienced by people of all ages. These constitute the major cause of absenteeism within the workplace.

6.6 million work days were lost in the UK due to musculoskeletal problems including back pain 
Over 540,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, such as depression or anxiety in 2017/2018

The Importance Of Bringing In The Right Teacher

Yoga Alliance Professionals is a global non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote teachers that meet the highest standards. When you reach out to our teacher members, you can rest assured they are thoroughly checked and have invested in the highest quality training.

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