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Start Teaching Yoga

Are you a trainee domiciled in the UK or Eire? You can work on your teaching skills while being covered with trainee yoga teacher insurance for just £25, insurance that will protect you and also your students


Step 1

Become a free trainee yoga teacher member by completing the form on this page.


Step 2

Make payment and complete the fields required for your yoga insurance to be valid.


Step 3

A member of our team will review your details and activate your insurance. You'll receive the documents via email!


Step 1: Sign Up

Policy Coverage

Our policy covers what most gyms and studios require as standard, which means no extra hidden costs!

What is the importance of insurance?

Accidents happen! It's all fine and well saying that something bad will never happen, but you never know. It's also essential to put your students' safety first and foremost. We have written a blog highlighting the importance of insurance. You can read it here!

Are you Teaching or Adjusting Others During Your Teacher Training?

Then join as a Trainee Teacher, and you can get insurance included in your membership (UK and Irish residents only)! Our policy will insure you while you adjust other students and cover classes during your time as a Trainee Yoga Teacher. The cost of trainee insurance is a one-time payment of £25, covering you for a maximum of 18 months or until you graduate (whichever comes first).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions of this policy?

Yes, the trainee policy does have some restrictions.

  • You can teach up to 2 hours per week
  • You must have received approval from your principal teacher before starting to teach
  • Do not teach outside the scope of what you have been taught
  • Stay in regular contact with your principal teacher
  • You must make students aware that you are not a fully qualified yoga teacher
  • The fee you charge for your classes should be lower than a fully qualified yoga teacher would charge (this should be approved by your tutor).
How soon do I get sent my insurance after applying?

Your insurance will be activated and your documents sent once you have completed our application process.

The activation is a manual process, so please allow one business day for our team to review your details.

Can I run classes from home?

If you have insurance included with your YAP membership the policy is mobile so it will cover you to teach from home.  However, it only covers you as a teacher, it wont cover for any loss or damage to the building caused by a client or if a client were to be injured due to a fault with the building.

For this reason, it's very important to notify your home insurer if you intend to run your yoga business from your property. Your home insurer may be able to extend your policy or advise if you require additional cover but every insurer is different with different levels of cover and exclusions. 

Be prepared to provide your home insurer with more information on your business; such as the number of visitors you receive and the type of equipment you have on site.

Can I teach live online classes?

(UK Residents)

Yes, you are able to do this, provided you have a record of the students name and email address. 

Please retain the record of payment/sign-up with name and email for at least 7 years. This will enable you to provide evidence in the event of a claim.

* Exclusions:

USA and Canada is not covered. If you need cover, get in touch.

(Eire Residents)

Yes, you are able to do this. Provided you have a record of the students name and email address and you have conducted a pre-class consultation with each of your students to assess their eligibility.

Can I post videos on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook?

Yes, your insurance policy will cover you for this provided you have the sufficient qualifications and your content is kept up to date. The content must be provided free of charge and you must consider relevant pre-class information. For example; the level of the techniques used (beginner, advanced), whether medical approval is required before participation and whether there are any contraindications.

Under the terms of the policy, this would be classed as non-treatment work and therefore cover is provided worldwide. 

I have another question

Please feel free to browse our FAQ's here or you can get in touch with us directly here.

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