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Yoga Teacher
Founder at The Yogologist
United Kingdom

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Uniting science with spirituality

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Shaura Hall is The Yogologist.

Shaura trained as a yoga therapist with the Minded Institute in 2012, giving her the tools and confidence she needed to embark on a spiritual study of human beings, informed by practical science. 

After her training, Shaura was invited to join the Minded Institute's team as student supervisor and philosophy lecturer and attended many more training courses, all of which inform her work today. After creating the Pilamaya 220 Hour Teacher Training Course, she became an approved training provider with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her courses have written tend to reflect her personal understanding of the gross and energetic world married by a more newly acquired grasp of the biological processes that govern life.

All listings and details of Teacher Training courses with Shaura are available on her Trainer profile or over at The Yogologist website.

What is the Pilamaya Yoga 220 Hour Teacher Training course?

The Pilamaya Yoga 220 Hour Teacher Training course aspires to help each student find their unique voice in teaching yoga.  We combine this highly individual and spiritual approach to yoga with the strong scientific tradition of the Minded Institute to offer you a training that is truly unique, from the heart, and based in sound evidence of the benefits of yoga for all.

Pilamaya means ‘thank you’ in the Native American language of the Lakota people. This name embodies the sense of gratitude and contentment brought into the gift of life via yoga. Shaura has a deep connection to the Lakota and Yogic traditions and these two spiritual threads inform her rich teachings.

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New Year's Yoga Retreat & Secret Ceremony

A very special retreat to see in the New Year with a sense of purpose and nourishment of the soul. You can join in sunrise...

Caminho da Bodega, Asseca Tavira, Algarve 8800-204 Portugal


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