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Trainer Resources

Free resources to support trainers, including information on teaching courses online

covid opening england

England: COVID-19 Final Stage

The final stage of the England roadmap out of lockdown.

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Standards for Training Courses

Find the requirement for foundation, further training and specialist courses. Including the additional criteria for online courses.

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best tech for online yoga classes

Best Tech To Use In Your Online Classes

Do you need a microphone, webcam or some lighting for you classes? We have put together a list of the most popular tech!

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What To Expect From A Post-Lockdown Studio

Research and user behaviour show how lockdown has affected the fitness industry and the way people now choose to exercise

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Risk Assessment Template

Find a risk assessment template from the Health and Safety Executive!

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Guidelines for Re-Opening Your Yoga Business

As lockdown restrictions ease, read our best practices to opening up your business.

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insurance queries

Training Online FAQ

Make sure your students will be eligible for membership and insurance with ourselves. You can find the criteria on our FAQ page!

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Online Teacher Training

As distancing measures prevent in-person training, trainers are looking to take their courses online. But can it be done?

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I can honestly say I am so overwhelmed with the support from YAP - thank you. Very best wishes to all of YAP and take care...I would also like to take this opportunity to thank YAP for ALL your emails/posts and support. I think it is absolutely incredible how the company are practising together in the mornings. I remember seeing a post about this and an image of some of you all on Zoom! It completely explains why the company works so well and why the customer support is so incredible. "

Emma McGuiness, Yoga Teacher