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Career Path

From Trainee To Training School

Your journey is ever-lasting on this exciting path

Growth & Contribution
The career path will act as a guide for you to continue learning and giving back to your community.
Build Your Hours
The membership levels are based on your years teaching AND hours of experience.
Your Journey

Every Step Of The Way

Value your teaching experience and further training

In Training


You're currently on a training course and are excited to become a yoga teacher. You may take out an insurance policy to start teaching yoga to your friends/family or get extra support from a mentor.

membership stamp - Trainee
In Training
0 Years + 0 Hours

Yoga Teacher
75% Growth | 25% Contribute

An exciting but intimidating time for you. It's time to face the realities of becoming a yoga teacher and welcoming different types of students into your classes.

Growth Opportunities: Yoga Classes & Retreats

0 Years + 0 Hours
4 Years + 2,000 Hours

Experienced Yoga Teacher
50% Growth | 50% Contribute

It's time to give back to your community! Not only do you support students, but you help your peers develop and grow.

Growth Opportunities: Mentor, Development Workshops

membership stamp - EXPERIENCED-jpg
4 Years + 2,000 Hours
8 Years + 4,000 Hours

Senior Yoga Teacher
25% Growth | 75% Contribute

At this stage, it's your responsibility to serve your community at a higher level. You may still attend a workshop/training here and there to keep your training up to date.

Growth Opportunities: Mentor, Development Workshops, Trainer Pro

membership stamp - Senior
8 Years + 4,000 Hours
Train Students

Training School

You are dedicated to creating and developing yoga teachers! You are solving the falling standards within the yoga industry by training confident and knowledgeable yoga teachers.

Train Students
The Impact Of Membership

How We're Different

Choose What Works For You

Available Options

Per Year
Helpful Resources
Development Opportunites
Help To Grow
Marketing & Business Help
+ More
Per Year
Residents of UK and EIRE only!
£6,000,000 Indemnity
DAS Legal Package
Unlimited Claims
Worldwide Cover (excl. USA & Canada)
+ More!
"I've been ducking and weaving for a year but Louise has presented new ideas, fresh thinking and inspirational advice. So I'm now preparing to 'pivot' my way out of lockdown, develop my skills and grow my business."
Steven Jamieson
Senior Yoga Teacher
"The YAP team has been fantastic and I'm so glad that I switched over - everyone that I have spoken to has been so helpful which is appreciated"
Yeli Williams
Experienced Yoga Teacher
"Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it. I have no hesitation in recommending Yoga Alliance Professionals to my fellow students, Blessings Kay"
Kay O'Sullivan
Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Record My Hours?

You can record all of your completed teaching and training hours in your member account. 

YAP profile dashboard

This can be done by logging in and completing the Total teaching and training hours field either on the member dashboard as above or in the account details section. 

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You can also reference your further training in the About Us section of your profile. 

I'm on an online 200-hour course, can I still join when I graduate?

This depends on who you are training with. We have made some temporary policy changes to allow our trainers to move their accredited syllabi online.

If you are training with one of our accredited trainers, then you will still be able to join as a registered yoga teacher after you graduate! If your course is not accredited then we will need to move to get your trainer's course accredited. 

Will online further training still count towards my further training hours?

Yes, you can include any further training done online into your further training hours.

Your further training hours accounts for up to 30% of your total teaching hours to upgrade your membership level.

How can a trainee upgrade to a teacher?

Your Trainer will normally notify us within 7 days of your course graduation and you can expect to receive an email invitation regarding upgrading to a Teacher Membership.

If you do not receive this and would like to upgrade, please contact our office on 0131 659 9922.

Does YAP take a fee per person who signs up for my teacher training through your platform?

We do not take a fee for the individuals who sign up for your courses. We are a platform that connects individuals looking to embark on a training course with those who offer a suitable course for them.

I have another question

Please feel free to browse our FAQ's here or you can get in touch with us directly here.

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