Can I Teach Yoga To Those Under 16 Years Old?

The policy offered to YAP members through Balens will cover you to teach Yoga if clients under 18 attend your usual Yoga class. Always check directly with your insurance provider.

If you are running specific Children's Yoga classes, you must first have completed a children's (or teen's) teacher training qualification, specifically covering the age ranges you are looking to teach. Alternatively, your original training qualification must have included modalities of children’s yoga.

Balens Policy Offered To Members

For UK based members the policy requires you to obtain parental consent in writing for working with children 16 and under, and please note the record keeping requirements on page 31 of the Policy Wording:

For members in the Republic of Ireland, written parental/guardian consent is not required however please note that it is a requirement under the policy to ensure that you are practising in line with professional best practice, professional standards, training and/pr ethical guidelines

Depending on the age of your students, the requirements of your venue and whether or not the children's parents or guardians will be present, you may need to have a DBS check (or similar) in place.

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