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Ancient Techniques and Wisdom of Yoga for the Contemporary Living

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I have founded Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living with the desire to transmit and share the Ancient Techniques of Yoga and to make them relevant to our contemporary Living. In this website you can find information and updates on both the  Foundation ( 200 hrs) and Advanced ( 300 and 500 hrs) Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Programs, based in London that are Registered with Yoga Alliance Uk . For articles, research, classes and workshop please check my dedicated website

The School is the meeting point of many ” inspiring rivers” that have fed my personal practice over the last twenty five years.

In the eighties i’ve learned pranayama, yogic and ayurvedic ethics and lifestyle, philosophy, concentration and meditation techniques directly from my mum and her partner, an indian teacher and advanced yogi that had lived in the Shivananda ashram in Rishikesh in his youth.

In the nineties i’ve spent extensive periods of time in Swami Kriyananda’s villages and Ashrams in Italy and California. From that experience and Swami i ‘ve learned Karma Yoga ( selfless service) , Bhakti ( devotion), more on yogic lifestyle and philosophy and most important other techniques of pranayama , visualisation and meditation that go under the name of Kriya Yoga.

That experience has also taught me the importance of the Sangha Community or as Swami would say ” Many hands make a Miracle!” and there i have felt the power of what we today call “Heart Synchopation” and “Heart Field Coherence” .

In 2003  I‘ve met another important teacher that has shaped me into who i’m today: Shiva Rea. Shiva is an incredibly inspiring yogini fire-keeper, creator of Prana Flow – Energetic Vinyasa, a branch of modern Yoga that stems from Krishnamacharia and integrates the Tantric roots of Hatha Yoga with Ayurveda, Bhakti and Somatics.

I have trained as an Electronic Engineer with a degree in the Human Electromagnetic Field  and have spent many years studying scientific disciplines like Math and Geometry, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science and  later branches of Modern Science like Fractal Geometry, Quantum Physics, Vibrational Chemistry ,Neuroscience and  Evolutionary Theories. I’ve spent  several years  studying Nutrition and i’ m passionate about Healthy Lifestyle.

All this comes together in Foundation ( 200hrs )  and Advanced Courses (300/500 hrs) to offer you a full spectrum/cutting edge program that integrates the Ancient Teachings of Yoga into our Contemporary Lifestyle!

It is with enormous Joy, passion and dedication to Yoga that i’ve created this training Programs and look forward to hearing from you and interviewing you if you would like to join in.

Hope you find this uselful.

Blessings on your personal path.


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